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Spot the Difference by Sean Michael, coming April 20 (Blue Excerpt)

On Sunday April 20, Amber Allure will be releasing my newest book:

Having both recently left Doms who just weren’t right for them, twins Christopher and Robin get together at a coffee house to commiserate. They can’t help but wish out loud for the men they’re looking for. These ideal men are as different as the twins are alike, though, and they lament ever finding two Doms to fit the bill.

When barista Core asks Robin to go to dinner with him after hearing his wishlist, Christopher can’t help but be jealous of his twin. That soon changes, however, when Darren approaches his table with a few wishes of his own.
Can Christopher and Robin really both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big a coincidence to be real?
It'll be available on Sunday right here.
Blue Excerpt:
He let Robin in, and then led his new boy down the hall to the back downstairs apartment. The house had been split into four apartments—two on the main floor and two on the second floor. He had a huge place, full of light but he could show it to Robin in the morning. The only room that was important right now was the bedroom.
“These are rooms.” He waved in the general direction of the rest of the place as he brought Robin down the hall.
“Uh-huh.” Robin was looking nowhere but him.
It was heady, having those lovely brown eyes focused on him. Heady and good. They barely made it into the bedroom before he’d cupped Robin’s cheeks and tilted him up for another of those kisses like they’d shared at the restaurant. Only now they were alone and had no reason to stop.
Robin pressed up against him, eager and erect, not denying him anything.
One hand drifting downward, he grabbed hold of Robin’s pert little ass as he slid his tongue into Robin’s mouth. Robin’s hips rocked, pushed right into his touch. Needy little slut. They needed to get the edge off, and then there would be spanking and fucking—two of his very favorite things.
Core moved them toward the bed, taking one stumbling step after another as he refused to end the kiss long enough to get his bearings to just do it. It worked, though, because Robin was moaning into his mouth, licking and fucking his lips, sucking his tongue. Someone was on fire.
He finally felt the bed against his legs and he sat, drawing Robin into his lap, straddling his legs.
“Oh. Better.” Robin nodded, tongue fucking his lips.
“Uh-huh.” They weren’t in danger of falling down on their asses this way. And he could get more grabby and rub them together, which he did. Robin seemed to agree, one hundred percent, and rubbed right back.
“Need skin,” Core suggested, his own hands too full of Robin’s ass to deal with their zippers.
“Uh-huh.” Robin tugged at Core’s shirt, fingers brushing his belly.
It was like he’d been touched by a live wire and he moaned, cock like nails.
“God, I want you.” Robin dived in for another kiss, fingers shoving at his shirt.
“Ditto. A nice quick one so we can go longer with me in you.”
Robin needed to get them out of their pants first, though. Core really wanted flesh on flesh.
“Fuck. Fuck, yes.” Robin’s palm pushed against his prick.
“Need to feel your skin, baby.” He let go of Robin’s ass so he could take over the pant removal.
He got both zippers undone and Robin stood, pushing his jeans down. Core managed to lift his ass enough to tug his jeans off his hips, then he pulled Robin back to him and got a hand around both their cocks.
Oh fuck. Hot and silky, Robin felt amazing.
“Yes.” Robin nodded, face going slack.
Leaning in, Core took a kiss, his hand finding a rhythm that was going to send him over soon, if not Robin.
“Yeah. Yeah. Fuck. So good.”
Eager man.
Core squeezed the heads of their pricks together on every upstroke, watching Robin’s face.
“Close.” Robin clenched his teeth. “Oh, damn.”
“Nice and fast this time.” He grinned, squeezing harder.
Fuck, he loved watching a man lose it.
Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Guardian Angel by Sean Michael re-released!

Resplendence Publishing re-released by book Guardian Angel on Wednesday. They did an awesome new cover for it and everything:

Country singer Daniel “Dusty” Young can’t understand why anyone would want him dead, or why anyone would think he’s important enough to kidnap. So it comes as a complete surprise when attempts are made on his life and he’s appointed Rafe, a G-man guardian angel. Rafe is determined to protect Daniel, even from himself, but it’s not an easy job.

When Rafe finally takes Daniel off to the middle of nowhere, it gives them time to pursue other things, like each other. Too much R&R might just make them sloppy, though, and sloppy could get them killed. Can they survive fighting for their lives and falling in love?
It's available here!


“Is your lip okay?” Rafe asked. The ointment seemed to have done a good job getting down the swelling, but it still looked a little sore.

“It’s a little tender. Nothing worth worrying over.”

God, the man’s eyes were blue. Real blue.

“Then I guess I’m not going to freak.” Rafe leaned in a little, eyes watching Daniel’s get closer. There were a lot of reasons why this wasn’t a good idea. Then Daniel’s tongue slid over his lips, soft and right, like fire. Oh, man. Then there was the reason it was. He made a sound, soft and needy, fingers curling in Daniel’s pocket.

“Mmmhmm. So fucking pretty.” Daniel pushed the kiss a little deeper, tongue slipping past Rafe’s lips.

He wasn’t pretty. And he might have said so, except Daniel’s tongue was in his mouth, and it was so hot. He moaned, his mouth opening up and letting Daniel in. He’d been kissed before, but this? This was warm and slow, controlled. It was like Daniel was tasting him and feeling him and offering him something really good all at once. Another not whimper pushed from him and his free hand reached out, finding Daniel’s hip and holding on.

Daniel moaned, the sound vibrating Rafe’s lips. Oh, God. Oh, God. He moved his fingers, touching the tip of Daniel’s cock again through his pocket.

“That’s it. Damn, Angel. That’s just fine.”

“Name’s Rafe,” he whispered, though just now it didn’t seem very important. No, not important at all.

“Mmmhmm. Rafe. Rafael. Pretty Angel. Kiss me again.”

“Okay.” He didn’t argue the point that he wasn’t pretty and Angel wasn’t his name. He didn’t argue the point that it had been Daniel kissing him. He just pushed their lips back together again, his tongue sliding past Daniel’s lips this time.

Daniel opened, let him in, sucked on his tongue, just humming away.

Rafe shivered, his cock going all the way hard, making him push against Daniel. That made the hums louder, the suction harder. Fuck, he needed, wanted. He pushed harder against Daniel, hands pulling Daniel toward him.

Daniel pressed close, entire body rubbing against Rafe. Hard cock rubbing against him.

“Oh, God. I want you.” Rafe spoke without thinking.

“There’s two beds. Pick one. Food’ll wait.”

Rafe pushed Daniel back, going down with him, his finger still stuck in Daniel’s pocket. Daniel’s sore hand stayed up out of the way, his other hand stroking over Rafe’s head and tugging him closer. Rafe rubbed them together, his cock aching as he slid against Daniel’s body.

“Let me feel you. Skin on skin. Come on.,,,” Daniel urged.

Rafe nodded, tugging his hand out of Daniel’s pocket. Rolling to the side, he started on the buttons of Daniel’s shirt. Daniel’s chest was lightly muscled, nipples flat and pale beneath the thin t-shirt, broad shoulders leading down into a tiny waist.

“Oh, you’re the pretty one. Well…handsome. You’re gorgeous.” He popped the top button of Daniel’s jeans, looking up into the blue eyes to make sure it was still all right.

“Just a singer. You? Fuck, you’ve got promise.”

“What am I promising?” Rafe asked, smiling as his fingers slid on Daniel’s skin. So hot and smooth, little hairs just above the waistband catching on his fingertips.

“Mmm… Pleasure, Angel.” Daniel responded to every touch, moving like no lover Rafe had ever had.

He slid his hands back up to tease the pretty pink nipples, watching as they hardened up for his fingers. He knew he was blushing, but Daniel’s words made him warm, too. Hot.

“Men could write songs about those fingers, I swear.” Daniel pressed up against Rafe, hard and wanting.

“Hey, you don’t have to make stuff up. I’m kind of a sure thing, here.”

“Good. Lose the shirt? Let me see?” Daniel leaned up, nuzzling into Rafe’s neck.

“Yeah.” Rafe nodded, sitting up to tug off the damned denim jacket and pull off the black T-shirt that went with it.

“Oh, look at that belly…” Daniel reached out with his good hand, petting and stroking and moaning.

Rafe’s muscles rippled beneath Daniel’s touch. He worked out; it was nice to have it noticed. He leaned back down slowly, mouth pressing against Daniel’s again, fingers sliding on Daniel’s skin.

Oh, man. They fit together well, belly to belly, one of Daniel’s legs wrapped around Rafe’s. He moaned into Daniel’s mouth, tongue sneaking back in between Daniel’s lips.

He could feel the heat of Daniel’s cock pressing against his own through too many layers of denim. “I want more,” he told Daniel.

“Hell, yes. I’m all about more.” Daniel nipped and sucked Rafe’s lips.

Rafe moaned and started working on Daniel’s zipper, trying hard not to bump or catch the man’s prick.

Fuck. Daniel was wet-tipped and hard, prick pushing out toward Rafe’s hand. He gasped softly, fingers sliding over the head, picking up the slightly sticky liquid.

“Mmm…yeah. Right there. Right fucking there.”

Rafe nodded, pushing his index finger against the leaking slit, his breath catching in his throat. A dull flush rushed up Daniel’s belly, sexy as anything. Rafe dropped his fingers to circle just the head, squeezing slightly and then moving up and down.

God, Daniel was hot, silky.
Rafe moaned, his mouth crashing down on Daniel’s as the need suddenly rode him hard. His hand circled Daniel’s prick, and he rubbed against Daniel’s thigh.
Daniel pushed into the kisses, groaning, tongue sliding against Rafe’s. That free hand worked furiously, tugging and pulling at his belt, his slacks. There was something sexy about that, about Daniel wanting Rafe that badly too, and he wasn’t helping at all, his hips driving him against Daniel’s hand as he tongue fucked Daniel’s lips.
Daniel’s fingers wrapped around Rafe’s cock, tugging it out. Those fingers were so hot, so sure. It had been a long time since Rafe had been touched by another man, not since before he’d started working for the agency, and all it took was that touch, Daniel’s fingers like magic, right from the start.
Rafe cried out, shuddering as the pleasure spilled through him, his cum spurting over both their bellies.
He panted, forehead resting on Daniel’s shoulder. “Oh, God. Shit, I’m sorry. It just… I…” He squeezed Daniel’s cock and started stroking purposefully.
“No sorrys. No… Oh, God. That’s fine, Angel. Just fine.”


Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Decadent Publishing's Alaska Adventure

What do these scantily dressed people have to do with Alaska?
They live in near a little town called Castle, which came to life three years ago when Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand owner, Madame Eve wanted somewhere snowy to send some romantic couples on the date of a lifetime. Madame Eve's Holiday Anthology was a lot of fun and readers all seemed to enjoy it but I just couldn't walk away and since then I've written several stories based there including Two Men and a Virgin. More and more of its citizenry  have come to life, and it's one small town where people are very accepting of alternate lifestyles and do everything they can to keep romance alive.
Decadent is uniquely suited for stories of the Last Frontier since we are actually based there and our publisher frequently posts pictures of the beautiful scenery and wildlife that are part of her everyday life. How many people can whale watch from their patio?  We are actively seeking more stories of romance and adventure in Alaska, but if you'd like a taste, just stop by our website and check out life in Castle. We think you'll like the people there. They have some great stories to share!
An Excerpt from Two Men and a Virgin
In Alaska? “Aren’t they all, up here?” A mountain range came into sight, its peaks frosted like the polar bear cookies, gleaming against the perpetual dusk of the winter’s day.
“Yeah, more or less.” She leaned back in her seat. “So, who are you meeting up with?”
Andie flushed. “What makes you ask? I mean…how do you know….?”
Kathryn took a bite of her cookie and chewed. “Just a guess.” She knows I’m here on a set-up date. She must think I’m desperate. Of course, I am.
“I was…but I think I’ll just stay on the plane. Do you have room for me on the return?” Despair overwhelmed her and she choked a little. Giving up now meant giving up forever. She couldn’t afford to do this again and if she didn’t have the nerve to go through with her plan thousands of miles from home, where nobody would see her, she sure wouldn’t back home.
“Oh, well yes, but my next flight is after New Years.”
“What? I thought you were going to go home.” In her panic, she tried to think what to do. “Can I at least hitch a ride wherever that is? I mean, not if you’re going just to your own house, but it’s in a town right? Somewhere I can stay for a few days until I get another flight out?”
Kathryn set her cup down again, hit a button on the console, and sat sideways, facing her. “Castle Lodge is home. I’m Kathryn Castillo and Nick Castillo is my husband.”
She fought dizziness as her escape plan melted out from under her, leaving her as suspended in air as the little plane, and with fewer instruments to deal with it. “Oh no.”
“The weather’s good and we’re on autopilot for a few. Why do you want out of your date?”
By the time they landed she’d determined to go forward. Kathryn had shared her own story, explained how her own doubts and fears nearly cost her the love of her life, and Andie understood . Better to have loved and lost…. God, I hope all is not lost. Paul and Rex are going to be furious with me.

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The Wizard and the Thief by Sean Michael

The folks at Amber were good enough to re-release one of my earlier stories that had gone out of print!

Plum is as good a thief as any he’s ever met, aided by the fact that he has a little magic in his light fingers. So when he’s hired to steal a wizard’s treasure, he doesn’t think twice.

Corm is no regular wizard, though, and he finds Plum absolutely enchanting, deciding he must have the pretty thief at all costs.

When secrets arise between them, Corm finds he might lose everything he’s worked so hard to gain with Plum, and he has to summon more than just his magic to set it right...
NOTE: This book was previously published under the ISBN: 978-1-60370-135-8. This reissued version of the book has been reedited.
He simply had to be. Plum was aching, burning deep down, the flavor of the wizard’s seed still on his tongue.
He zipped through the secret passages, moving as quickly as he could with a heavy, throbbing cock, a need that seemed to beat inside him. He could hear Corm behind him, sometimes from far away, sometimes sounding as if the wizard were right behind him, but so far he’d managed to keep from being caught.
The temptation to stop, to turn and grab the wizard was strong, but he resisted, forcing himself to evade, to run.
The darkness of the passageway slowly gave way to a dim light, and the damp stone seemed suddenly warmer. The kitchens he guessed, coming upon them suddenly, the passageway opening up into a small pantry next to the hearth. It was here that he was caught, the wizard’s arms coming around him and stilling his forward momentum.
He gasped, surprised and aroused and caught.
He had underestimated Corm.
“I’ve caught you, thief.” Corm’s mouth landed on his neck above the collar of his coat, sucking up a mark as the wizard’s hands slid over his belly toward his prick.
“Yes.” His hips canted, body eager and wanton. “Take me.”
“I will,” murmured Corm.
Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

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On Fire!

This is book 2 of my Serve and Submit Series. Each short, erotic story is 6000-7000 words of hot, stand alone scenes. Pulled Over is already out. You can pick up a copy here.

I was still hiding behind the curtain. “There’s no way I’m going anywhere with you naked! I–”

I didn’t get to finish. His face turned red and he said something about not having time for this. He grabbed my hand and yanked me out of the tub. As soon as my foot hit the floor my leg shot out from under me. I would have gone down if it hadn’t been for Dean’s rock hard body stopping my fall. I let out a cry, he swore some more, and in a heart beat my breasts were smashed against his chest. I was instantly engulfed in a smoldering heat of lust as my momentum pushed him backwards into the wall.

“Fuck!” He hit it with jarring contact. Our faces were close, we were both breathing heavily but for different reasons. I was very aware my nipples were hardening against his warm skin. “Not very good timing,” he finally said, looking down at me with amusement in his eyes.

I didn’t pretend not to know what he was talking about. Now was my time to reveal I was just as interested. “Maybe some other time?” His mouth twitched with a slight smile and he nodded, then pushed away from the wall, and I was forced to step away from him. “I’m still not going anywhere with you naked.” I could hear the fire alarm ringing from out in the hallway and knew there would be other tenants evacuating the building.

The next thing I knew he ripped the shower curtain off the hooks, folded it around my body a few times, bent, and threw me over his shoulder. I squealed, feeling myself slipping as he stood. “I’m falling!” I tried to wiggle my arms free but he’d wrapped me up like a cocoon.

“Hold on!” He managed to bounce me back into position, and wrap his arms around my upper thighs. I felt my face flush, ever conscious of my size fourteen curves, although he didn’t seem to mind. I thanked God the shower curtain was red and not clear because my ass was close to his face.

“I can walk, damnit!”

He ignored me, and turned quickly to walk into my bedroom, through the smoke filled apartment, and toward the opened front door. We were almost there when I remembered Tootsie.

“Wait, my cat!” I began to squirm.

“My first priority if getting you out of here.”

His first priority? I was more confused than ever. “But she won’t come to you!”

We reached the door just as three firemen burst into the apartment. I glanced up from my undignified position long enough to take in that they were dressed in full uniform and weighted down by the various tools of their trade. One of them smiled at me and I lowered my head with a groan.

Tory Richards

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Beaches by Ginger Simpson - Erotic Romance by a naive mind.

Years ago, when the erotic genre hit a high spot in sales, I decided to try my hand at writing a spicy story.  Searchers.  I wrote under a pen name because I didn't want my spicy side to mix with all the sweet romance stories I'd written and would yet write, and because I didn't know how to promote for two people, I pretty much let the story flounder.  So, recently I reacquired my rights and asked my current publisher Books We Love, if they would be interested in having the story in a re-worked version with a new title for their Spice line.  I lucked out when they accepted.  Although I had a beautiful cover for Searchers, I really never saw a connection to the story.  Michelle Lee, the cover artist for BWL, did a wonderful job of connecting with my storyline and the new title, Beaches, and you'll see why when you read the book.

Was the of making more money what inclined me to write the story?   No.  Many say there is a little of each author in their books, and this particular one  holds a lot of my life within its 'pages.'  I've always had a weight problem, and there was a time after the birth of my first child that my husband wasn't kind to me.  I lost weight and noticed right away the difference in the attention he paid me, and I also found that other men looked at me differently too.  So, I let my mind run wild and the resulting story was my attempt to deliver the message I discovered during that time period of my life. I discovered you can love someone, but not be "in" love with them, and that sex is only sex if you don't have an emotional connection with the person.  I've never had a great imagination, nor have I been a sexual person, but I think my debut/swan song into the genre is worth a read.  Remember, I write fictional stories, and although there is unfaithfulness involved in Beaches, there is also a lesson learned, and a lot of excitement to be had while learning it.  *smile*

Katie Franklin couldn’t lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy, and her husband’s disgust showed in his cutting remarks and lack of interest in her anywhere except in the bedroom. Determined to slim down, Katie seeks the help of a diet doctor, and many pounds later, Rick does a complete turn around. Too bad. Katie isn’t interested in his attention, as she’s had a taste of what it’s like to be considered young, sexy and desired again…but not by her husband.

EXCERPT:  Setting the scene...Katie has gone with her friend, Irene, for a girl's night out to a little club named Beaches.  Katy's meets Joey Arnold, and despite her shock that he finds her more interesting than her bestie, she's smitten with his attention and agrees, against her better judgement to go with him to a more secluded nightspot so they can get to know one another better...

“So, what do you do when you aren’t working?”

“I play an occasional round of golf, treat myself to tickets to sporting events, and find time to see a good movie now and then. How do you spend your free time?”

“Taking care of my three-year-old son, Brandon. Oh, and the excitement of keeping house, of course.”  God, was she really as boring as she sounded?

He paused for a moment then peered directly into her eyes. “I'm not a picky person, except when it comes to meeting women.”

And he’d picked her? Her skin tingled in a flush of excitement. This was the first time she’d been the center of anyone’s attention in months. After three Tequila Sunrises, Katie stopped looking at her watch and quit thinking she should be at home. Rick wouldn’t be there until morning, and he never called. There was no reason to cut the evening short.

She felt a little giddy. If she turned her head too quickly, the room seemed a little off-kilter. Drinking was definitely not her forte. She decided to sip the cocktail in front of her and make it last. No more alcohol tonight!

Joey’s hand slowly crept beneath her skirt and up her thigh. She shivered at the feeling of his rough fingers on her delicate nylon stocking.

“Do you have a steady girlfriend?” Something was needed to break the awkward silence, but as soon as the words tumbled from her mouth, she wanted to kick herself. Why in the world would anyone bring up girlfriends at this particular moment? He knew she was married and that didn’t seem to bother him. Maybe the idea of her being taken spurred him on.

He ceased caressing her leg and rested his arms on the table. Gazing directly into her eyes, he shook his head. “No, as a matter of fact, but if you’re afraid of being a one-night-stand, don’t be. I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t just use women and throw them away.”

At first, Katie was taken aback. Was he so all-fired sure that she’d jump into bed with him? Did he prey only on married women with apparent weaknesses? For only a moment, his confidence exceeded his good looks. Still, there was something about the tone in his voice and the look in those luscious eyes of his that melted her. “I’m glad to hear that.”

Joey leaned over and brushed his soft, warm lips against her neck. Inviting more, she tipped her head to the side and surprised herself when a moan rumbled through her lips. Warmth seeped to her core and her panties dampened. What super powers did he hold that only a simple kiss on her throat could make her cunt throb?

An alarm sounded in her head. Stop it now, Katie. You have to stop this right now!  Her sober side prevailed for just a moment, and then went completely silent.

He pulled away and gazed into her eyes. “I take it that met with your approval?”

Straightening her head, she rubbed her forearms to dispel the abundance of goose bumps. “Yes, I liked it...a lot.”

To hell with sipping her drink. Katie lifted her glass and took a hearty swallow. She wanted to stop reality and lose herself in the moment. If life was a gamble, like she often heard, she held the winning poker hand and Joey was the pot of money on the table. Throwing in the cards wasn’t an option.

The thudding of her heart sounded in her ears when he leaned in and continued trailing butterfly kisses down her neck and across her shoulder. He stopped and moved his lips closer to her ear. “I’m sorry, I can’t resist. I wanted to taste you.”  He resumed burning a path along her throat.

She shut her eyes and reveled in the pleasure. “Mmm. Feels wonderful.”

His lips abandoned her neck, and suddenly meshed with hers—his tongue lapping at and inviting her mouth to open. Unable to resist, she complied. Whatever he wanted from her, she would give.

You can find Beaches with all my other books on my Amazon Author's Page.

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You can't always get what you want

When I started The Winter Series, I'd envisioned a trilogy. Three stories centered around a drag queen who makes a bet to get three relationships together. Simple right?

There were some questions in the first story about how much Rose (aka Devyn) and Carl were in the story. It was inferred I might want to shorten their parts. Rose in true diva fashion went ballistic. And so I began playing around with Carl and Rose's story. It was probably one of the easiest stories I've ever written. Devyn aka Rose was very very loud. It didn't matter I had other books to write. They wanted their story told.

I am glad the story went well and that I get to share it with my readers. I can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't write it. LOL. I think my characters would have all rebelled. Rose and her alter ego Devyn are so fun to write and combine them with Carl, who always surprises me because he's quiet until it's time for his scene and then he pours his parts out.

I'm glad I didn't get what I wanted and I did write Winter's Source.

Blurb:   Carl's new to the gay lifestyle, so when he goes out with some feuding friends, the only people who know, he definitely doesn't expect to meet someone special. Especially not Rose Winter, a drag queen hoping to make it with the most powerful voice Carl’s ever heard. He’s disturbed to be so attracted to someone so flamboyant, but his desire only gets stronger when he “meets” Rose’s alter ego, Devyn.

Devyn’s been out and proud since he was three, at least to everyone but his father. He can’t see himself being with someone who barely has his toes out of the closet like Carl. Not to mention he has a lot of living to do. But something in them clicks and Devyn can't deny being enthralled by this blond chef.

Can he reconcile his desire to live life large with a man who wants to keep his life so private? And is his keeping his homosexuality from his father that different than Carl’s interest in keeping his sexual preference a secret in general? Even though they set off fireworks in the bedroom, they may not have what it takes to stay together.

Mechele Armstrong