Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's all about trust...

When I started researching my current release, I didn't know an awful lot about submission and domination. Reading about it always gets me really really hot though. I mean, flushed all over, tingles over my skin, dripping wet HOT! *fanning* *fanning*

But what does it all mean? Why do these relationship dynamics fascinate me so much?

So I surfed the net, visited dozens of forums, read several articles and books and I also spoke to practising submissives in an effort to find out as much as I could. I realised very quickly there were so many things about the relationship between a dominant and a submissive that I could relate to. I came to see that it wasn't the bondage, or the toys, or even the equipment that did it for me. (Even though I still love a good toy )

It is the absolute honesty of the d/s relationships that really gets me off. How can you not love a person who knows you and your body better than you do yourself? Someone who celebrates and rewards even the smallest successes, but cares enough to pull you into line when you stray off course. How liberating to feel so cared for that you gift that person with your complete trust and give over yourself to them. Who doesn't want a gorgeous and caring Dom to take control? Just thinking about it makes me go all tingly!

I still don't profess to be anything more than a novice when it comes to BDSM. I can't even say for sure that I'm a true "submissive", but in the mean time I'll keep enjoying my research and writing about it, because at the end of the day, trust in a relationship is what we all crave isn't it?

Here's a short blurb from THE MASTER'S PRIZE...

What happens when a conservative girl sneaks in to a BDSM club for a look and makes an impression on the Master trainer? He pulls out all stops to claim her for himself, that’s what! A radio charity auction gives Mitch Collins just the opportunity he was looking for. When he claims his prize, a mind-blowing kiss confirms all his fantasies and leaves him determined to win her trust.

You can read an EXCERPT on my website :-)

THE MASTER'S PRIZE is available NOW from Total-e-bound.

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Maggie Nash
BOYS DOWN UNDER - Out now at Aspen Mountain Press
THE MASTER'S PRIZE - Out now at Total-E-Bound


Sami Lee said...

I've had my eye on this one Maggie. It sounds really great - looking forward to reading it.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Great book, Maggie! I loved it.

And I too wondered why I found the idea so appealing, especially since I consider myself a modern woman who wouldn't put up with abuse. But it isn't abuse if you are a willing participant and the rules are spelled out.

I learned a lot while researching my own book, Love Cuffs. I know you won't mind if I mention it here. It's a totally different type of story. Mine is a comedy!

Congrats on a very successful book!


Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Sami

Let me know what you think:-)

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks're my greatest supporter!

I so long as it is loving, safe, sane and consensual, mutually agreed rules help to strengthen the trust and in the process, the relationship. I know there are some relationships and extremes in BDSM that are not for me, but I go for Mitch any day!

Dawn Montgomery said...

Hey Maggie,

Congrats on the new release hon! I'll be picking up a copy for this weekend's read!

I, as a reader, really appreciate the amount of research you put into this book. So many get it wrong (make assumptions) and, from your excerpt I see a lot that's spot on! I can't wait to read the rest of it. :)

Congrats again and GREAT post!

Maggie Nash said...

Aw shucks...thanks Dawn :-) I had fun doing the research *grins*


Pam Champagne said...

Wow! I'm off to take a shower now. Great post, Maggie!

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Pam...I aim to please :-)

Judith Rochelle said...

I'm reading this right now, Maggie, and loving it. I too was drawn into the world of BDSM, tempted by one of the most beautiful erotic romances I'd ever read. Like you, I surf the net and visit forums, chat rooms, information pages, ets. And have a,so discovered that the trust and honest in D/s relationships often far outweighs that found in vanilla relationships. I think it's because it doesn't work without it. Anyway, it's mostly what I write about now, and since I've always loved your work, I'll be devouring evrything that comes off your computer. Keep it up.

Maggie Nash said...

Oh wow...thank you Judith! I think we have a mutual admiration society here because I love all your books too. And yes, vanilla just doesn't cut it anymore :-)