Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s Spring time!

Spring is the season for Sakura Festivals. Sakura means 'cherry blossom' in Japanese. The blossoms are only around a couple of weeks a year, so this year we plan to go to the hanami ('flower viewing') in Seattle and enjoy the taiko (traditional drum) during the cultural festival.

Japan Blossoms

Sakura festivals are celebrated around the world. Even here in the United States we have an official organization that hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC each April. The cherry trees in D.C. were gifted to the U.S. by the Japanese government in 1910. And they're still flowering? Now THAT is staying power.

Washington DC blossoms

I love the Japanese culture, but I have an especially soft spot in my heart for cherry trees. The budding flowers remind me that Winter (both literally and figuratively) is over and the fabulous sun of Summer is coming. I was even able to get the cover artist for my book, Hatsept Heat, to incorporate sakura blossoms into the cover. This story begins in Nagano, Japan with one of my favorite characters, a vampire law enforcement officer from Montana, visiting the city's shrine while on vacation. From there the story moves to Tokyo then Montana and back to Tokyo again. All along the way our hero and heroine encounter all kinds of suspense-filled moments as they try to figure out how a human scientist provided serums to other humans in order to make them exhibit vampire traits. Only problem is…the serum has some nasty side effects. It's up to our guy and gal to flush out the villains, both human and vampire, and put them down.

As with all my books I've tried to capture the mood, colors, smells and atmosphere of the Shibuya district (that's where we shoe whores would go to get our much-needed high-heel, boot or sandal fix ;D) or get our groove on in a hip dance club or…shop some more. Yep, shop *dreamy sigh*. Uh, did I mention shopping?

Shibuya district. Look at all the people!

As a treat for you, follow the link below to read an excerpt from Hatsept Heat. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Hatsept Heat
Vampire Council of Ethics, Book Three

TJ Michaels bio: TJ has had a love of romance for as long as she can remember. But she didn't pursue getting published until she discovered the genre of erotic romance. Writing like a madman, er, madwoman, TJ hasn't lost steam since her first book hit the shelves (a RT 4-star pick, too!) four years ago. Her mind may be gone, but steam there is aplenty. A true Taurus, TJ isn't slowing down and she's definitely too stubborn to stop when she sees the fence!

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Savanna Kougar said...

Years ago, I visited my sister in DC. The cherry blossoms arrived early that year. It was like walking through a fairyland, and so beautiful I never wanted to leave.