Tuesday, November 30, 2010

32 Year Old Virgin: Fact or Fiction?

Today, I'm talking about one of my favorite subjects. Sex. Yes, that's right sex! And I want you to weigh in your opinions too! So be sure and leave a comment with what you think.

In my latest book, Shotgun Wedding put out by Whispers Publishing as a Christmas story, one of the characters surprised me by turning out to be a thirty two year old virgin. She always wanted to wait for Mr. Right, but got to the point where she would settle for Mr. Right-now. Who happens to be hot enough to melt your panties off. :)

But as fun as this steamy story turns out to be to write, I had to ask myself how believable is it to write a 32 year-old virgin as a main character. I know for a fact they exist, but they are becoming the exception to the rule and not the rule anymore. Fewer people wait to have sex with the right one, but jump at the opportunity to have sex. Just out of curiosity.

In a modern age where sexuality is getting more open and less people are waiting to have sex, how believable do you think it is for a person to reach maturity as a virgin?

Sex is everywhere. It's on television, it's on the internet, it's in advertising, it's in the books we read, and our friends talk about it. Don't get me started about peer pressure and the desire to fit in. So how can a person say no for so long?

What do you think? And if you are curious about the book, Shotgun Wedding should be available from Hot Tropica Books this December 2010. You can read it and tell me if you think it sounds too contrived or believable. lol

Lots of love
Missy Lyons

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dressing For A Romantic Hero.

What’s your poison? Girly, flirty or fierce? Do you like pink lace, red satin or leather?

What would you wear if you had the opportunity to seduce a sexy alpha male? What would you wear if you had the chance to hook your very own romantic hero?

I had the opportunity to explore this idea with my newest release, Forever In Lingerie. It is the first book in my Bare Naked Designs series. Each story centers around a piece of lingerie and of course, the hero accidentally catches the heroine wearing the sexy little outfit. An outfit that I hand-picked to represent her character.

My heroine in Forever in Lingerie, Martina, wears a white baby doll, sheer and lacy. It's pure and innocent and represents the clean slate she has given herself as she begins a new chapter in her life. Martina reluctantly agrees to model this lingerie but it was the best decision she ever made. Half-way through her fitting, in walks her hero, Rob, but not before he listens as she reveals her most intimate fantasies. What are those fantasies? Find out here.

Forever In Lingerie is available now from Lyrical Press.  To find out more about me, visit my website at http://www.ginagordon.net/

Sunday, November 28, 2010

December contest at Red Sage Publishing

This holiday season, the most wonderful, beautiful, talented, sexy, brilliantauthors on the planet—your very own Red Sage authors—have put together a contestfor our readers.

During the month of December, keep your finger on the pulse ofthe Red Sage Blog, and leave a comment on any post to be entered to win a prizepack. We're talking signed print copies of the Secrets Anthology, a list of thehottest freakin' e-books on the market, some e-books that haven't even beenreleased yet, and goodies galore. You might even find some delicious chocolateshowing up on your doorstep in addition to the eye candy our book coversprovide.

So follow the blog. Comment. It's that simple. The more comments you leave, the more times your name is dropped into a hat.

The contest runs from December 1,2010 to December 31, 2010. On New Year's Day, a winner will be announced, soplease check back if you aren't comfortable leaving your email address alongwith your comment.

We're so excited to present one lucky reader with a new year of reading materialand other fantastic items. So tell your friends. And if you retweet any post,let us know and we'll throw in an additional chance under your name!Good luck~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Phaze Books Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

Phaze Books wishes all of our US readers and friends a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. To show our appreciation for six years and counting, we're giving all readers of hot romance and erotica 25% off all titles, eBook and print, now through 'Cyber' Monday. This is your chance to stock up on new releases and back lists from favorite authors.

Use the code BLACK when you check out at Phaze.com today. The same code also works for 25% off at other Mundania Press imprints, Awe-Struck and Hard Shell Word Factory. This sale includes discounts on my entire Phaze catalog, plus my Mundania release Pithed, writing as Kathryn Lively.

So if you haven't yet picked up any of the Dareville novels or my M/M shorts, this is the time to do it. If you haven't read them yet, they're new to you! Thanks and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little naughty bedtime reading...

I have bookshelves in my house. Honestly, I do. Lots of them. But from the piles of books - and the ereader - growing on the little table beside my bed, you wouldn't know it.

I'm an inveterate dipper. And I love me some big chunky reference books.

So currently on my table I have, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirits, Snow Crash, The Starflight Handbook, City of Bones, Vile Bodies...and the book that has my other half looking at me in a strange way when I'm reading it - Roman Sex.

Roman Sex is one of those lovely coffee table books that you could never ever leave on your coffee table. It's filled with images of beautifully preserved mosiacs and pottery, depicting the more interesting side of Roman life. Namely the naughty parts.

I did buy the book for a reason - not simply the illicit looking at naughty bits, honest - but to delve into different mindsets regarding sex. I'm a twenty first century woman and I wanted to find out what it would be like to see sex from another perspective, of exploring taboos and finding situations that would be seen as highly unusual to our society, but was accepted without question two thousand years ago.

Hints of lives are given on tombs and stone coffins, with no embarrassment about carving out their sexual arrangements in stone. Two men buried their third lover, the image of all three men, of their shop and their dancing together cut into the coffin. Or the slave girl, Allia, with two masters, who once she was gone, her lovers grew apart and fell out. Romans put no restrictions on sexual desire, only the elite having cause to be careful because of money and reputation.

All this information feeds into the back of brain and parts stick together and change. I write erotic SF romance and sometimes fantasy and paranormal, so ancient societies can become my 'other worlds'. I've played with late Roman/Byzantine society and even done some very naughty things with terracotta warriors. Maybe in the future look out for a slave girl and her two masters and me being a romance writer, they won't be quarrelling over her coffin. I love HEAs.

Is there a book - or books - that inspire you? Naughty or otherwise.. ;-)
Kim Knox
...darkness and romance...

Monday, November 22, 2010

ARC's, WIP, MS and other strange creatures

Like any game, there's a language involved in writing. Not just the actual words that hit the page and turn into mysteries, sexual romps and heart pounding adventures. I'm talking about the code words that develop when you have to type anything a million times. Short hand.

We like to make words shorter.

I'm not going to go into the whole text-speak thing. You know it, you've seen it. But there's a really cool abbreviation found out there when you start talking about books. It's an ARC. Stands for Advance Reader Copy.

What it means is some lucky sods get a chance to read a book well before the other kids on the block. The fourth in the series that you're dying to know how it goes, and the mean author/publisher/etc isn't releasing it until next March? There's a good chance that someone is already reading an ARC.

Makes you squirm, doesn't it? LOL. Me too!

So here's YOUR chance to get in on a really cool deal. Moira Rogers and I have decided to give away ARC's for our next 3 releases. That's 6 books up for grabs. We're also posting exclusive excepts, so even if you don't win the ARCs, you'll have a little more inside information to enjoy.

If you'd like to take part in this, come on over and play at either my blog, Romance, Hot and Wild, or Moira Roger's. It should be fun, and who knows? You could end the one gloating over getting a sneak peek into an upcoming release.

Vivian Arend writes paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. She's traveling like a gypsy right now, but finds writing and reading remain HIGH on the list of things to do.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm taking a break from finishing IN FROM THE COLD, my next novella for the WHERE THE HEART IS AMBERPAX which will be out in March. I'm also enjoying a hot cup of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's chai tea.

This is a 12-serving recipe courtesy of Weight Watchers, so you know it's low in fat, sugar and calories.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Spray a 12-hole muffin tin, and its cupcake wrappers if you use them, with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, combine:
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon table salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

In a medium bowl, mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon:
2/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 cup fat-free egg substitute
23 cup fat-free skim milk

Add applesauce mixture to flour mixture and mix until completely incorporated.

Pour batter into muffin tins so each hole is about 2/3 full. Bake for 20-25
minutes, or until a tester inserted in the center of a muffin comes out clean.

[Weight Watchers note: A filling food, 3 points per muffin.]

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Health to All!


Whether in realms of darkness, fantasy or the historic past, passion is the potion that conjures up the magic of love. This paperback collection includes the sizzling stories PORTAL TO DARKNESS, WOMAN IN BLACK LACE and TEARS OF THE DRAGON.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart…

In my latest release, Phoenix Burning, Lord Phoenix leaves Lady Lucinda after they are wed (but before the marriage is consummated). They then spend twelve years apart.

There are two trains of thought on long distance relationships
Absence makes the heart grew fonder
Absence makes the heart go yonder

When I first met the man who is now my hubby, we were attending different schools in different cities. We met, fell in love at first sight, and two days later I returned to my city three hours away. The next six months consisted of long, long telephone calls, and visits every couple of months. It was great for our relationship because we were forced to slow down and get to know each other. After talking for four hours plus a day for six months, we knew each other very well. It formed a solid base for our over 17 wonderful years of marriage.

My youngest sister is a completely different person (yes, we aren't clones – grinning). She needs constant interaction with the person she is with. If she doesn't see her love interest at least weekly, the relationship fails. Her love's physical presence comforts her and soothes her insecurities. Her husband knows that which may be why my sister is also happily married.

So what camp do you fall into?

By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Changeling Press

Phoenix Burning

Twelve years ago, Phoenix wed a child bride. Leaving her before consummating the marriage, he joined the royal court. He fought. He bedded exotic women. He dreamed every night of the child woman he left behind.

Twelve years ago, Lucinda was deserted by her perfect knight. She honed her skills as a fire sorceress. She charmed sorcerers and kings. She waited for her wandering husband to return to her. She is now done waiting.

A marriage will be tested. A warrior will burn. A love will be reborn.

Buy Now: http://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1483


Cynthia Sax
Demon On The Dance Floor - Big, Bad, And Horny
Badge Bunny – The Naughtiest Bunny Meets The Toughest Supercop

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, Harry: When Child Stars Grow Up

First let me disclose that I bought my tickets for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows more than a month ago, and my girlfriend and I will be waiting in line for the 12:01 a.m. midnight showing. But, I absolutely swear I’ve never once lusted after the HP gang (except for that brief flirtation with Cedric Diggory who’s better known now for playing Edward in Twilight).

When Daniel Radcliffe graced the cover of GQ in nothing but a black leather vest and quite a bit of morning-after scruff, I balked: Harry Potter couldn’t be sexualized, could he? And then there was the nude stint in the Equus play, interviews about losing his virginity to an “older woman” and Radcliffe certainly wanted all to know that he’d grown up. Then Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) stripped down in the thriller Cherry Bomb. Hogwarts! What was the world coming to? Thank goodness, Emma Watson (Hermione) has come out saying that she doesn’t feel the need to get naked to prove anything.

But all this makes me think about what happens when “child” or teen stars grow up, and that shift in perception. Back in 2000, when we hosted two teenage exchange students (yes, I played the mom of teens before even having children of my own), they lusted after Ashton Kutcher, and I pfft him aside until he started to grow up, and even Demi Moore took notice!

I’m not the only one to fall victim. As a teen, when I watched 21 Jump Street, my (step)mom who is a mere 11 years older than me ignored and complained about the show. Then, one day, Johnny Depp turned up in Chocolat, and she asked who he was. “Ah, mom, if you only knew!”

Next time you’re lusting after a buffed-out and shirtless Taylor Lautner in Twilight, think about him in the days of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Better than a cold shower!

My question for you, dear reader, is who’s drool-worthy in your opinion? Ever lust after a child star who’s now of age?

Louisa Bacio

No more teachers. No more books. Learn your lessons at Sex University with my debut novel: PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Available now!

"Two's Company" in I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology
“The Wait” in Rekindled Fire: An Anthology of Reunited Lovers

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boxers or Briefs?

That's a common question, but one that's still interesting and amusing. Like every real man, each character has his own personality and his own taste in underclothes.

I admit many of my male characters tend to go commando, but not all. The vampires in my Ancient Blood series have had some memorable underpants. Vincent, a force unto himself, has been known to wear boxers with smiley faces and red satin bikinis with a reindeer over his attributes as a holiday treat for his wife. Luke, dancer and Network agent, has performed (reluctantly) in an emerald green thong. He's not alone in occasionally slipping into exotic underwear. On Halloween Sadavis, a sculptor and Network agent, dressed as a zebra, wearing black and white bikinis complete with a tail dangling from the back. Alik, who was a commando in his mortal life, leans toward boxers, while Jocelyn, the fanged college professor, favors simple briefs. MD Matthew prefers black silk boxers, but his twin brother, Adam--pathologist and leader of the Vampire Network--sometimes wears leopard print bikinis at the request of his soul mate, Mara.

It's funny to think about the variety of underpants characters wear throughout a series and how much a character's choice in underclothes tells about his or her personality.

If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with silk boxers.

Underwear or no underwear, which do you prefer? Do you by any chance remember what kind of underwear a favorite character you've read or written wears?

About Kate Hill

What do trips around the world, endless nights of breathtaking sex, and a muscular, 6-foot 3-inch, brown-haired, blue-eyed significant other have to do with Kate Hill? Absolutely nothing, but she can dream, can't she? In reality Kate is a single, thirty-something vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies.

Currently, she might not be traveling around the world, but Kate has visited Europe and Africa and those beautiful places have been wonderful inspiration for her writing. While working at various times as a clerk, assistant karate instructor, house painter and banker, Kate dreamed of being an author. In 1996 her first short story was accepted for publication and since then she has sold over ninety short stories, novellas and novels.

Kate's stories, The Chieftain's Bride and Vampire Master, have won The Romance Studio's CAPA and in 2002 her vampire novel, The Immaculate, was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history. Visit Kate online at http://www.kate-hill.com.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plus Size heroines have something extra!!

BBW or Rubensque....this is a heroine I avoided writing for a while at the beginning of my writing career. Mainly because I too am above average....I like the sound of that one better:)  It wasn't because I didn't want to write the stories but sometimes a writer can be too close to an issue. However, when the right heroine shows up in my mind, I can't refuse her Mr. Right. That's how I chose to dabble in this genre.
My first dabble with such a heroine was in a short called Out of Body Sex. I gave the heroine a power we'd all love to have (big or small, tall or short...who wouldn't love to leave the physical behind?). Going out of body and traveling around at will, this woman had powers but not courage. While free floating, she played with the hero in the shower and it started her down a road she'd never have dared to explore in her skin.
For a while that was it. I was satisified with my one offering and no more showed until Penny in my Nov release, Pushing Penny. This woman is nothing like me but maybe that's what made it easier to write. We're both 'above average' but she's a sweet southern lady who doesn't want to cause trouble. She has no clue what she really wants or needs outside of her career because what she really needs isn't ladylike. The big girl in her demurs attention but she really craves it. Enter the hero and Dom with the skills, Grayson. He sees through her like she's a size negative twenty and gives her the discipline and reward/punishment she needs. Grayson even puts her front and center in a way the boldest of us would hesitate to try.
But that is what makes any size heroine a true heroine...she dares when life hands her the right opportunity. You can't force fate, true love, or the perfect holiday but you can jump on the chances when they come. Hopefully that's what I do when a great plus size heroine comes to mind....I give her the best story I can.
Whenever I write about a plus size heroine (and I mean they're really plus size, 20+), they seem to get a lot of attention. I think it's because everyone can relate to them. Whether its weight or something else, we all know our own less than perfect attributes or where we're not ideal in the eyes society...Seeing that woman get the hot guy and the amazing sex life makes us believe we can have it too!
BBW & BDSM Erotic Romance
Going to Italy with a sexy man should be hot but for Penny it’s all business. The plus sized designer of plus sized fashions met Grayson Raider at her best friend’s wedding, and now, he’s her bodyguard. While she doesn’t expect trouble, Penny’s rich Texas family is overprotective. She has no reason to protest—Grayson makes her feel safe and beautiful.

Grayson knew the moment he met Penny that she was the challenge he’d been looking for. Confident in her work, Penny needs to let him lead in the bedroom. His Dom side enjoys giving her pleasure and pushing her limits. Being tied up naked by a man she's paying to protect her is hot enough, but when he starts using mirrors and fashion to drive her crazy, he might just push Penny right out of her comfort zone.
So hopefully you'll check out my above average heroines.
Happy Thanksgiving (next week in the states) and feel free to indulge. It's just one day:)
Cheryl Dragon

Monday, November 15, 2010

Romance, Love and Hot Sex

I love a good erotic romance. A woman and a man falling in love -- and having lots of hot sex. The complexities of relationships, danger, magic... What’s not to love?

Recently I’ve been talking to some of my friends. And we’ve come to the conclusion that reading about two men is just as hot. (Yes, most of us participating in this conversation are women).

Any erotic romance, opposite sex (M/F) or same sex (M/M), has the wondrous journey of watching two people meet and fall in love. Sometimes there is danger, sometimes just baggage and issues. Either way, conflict keeps these two (or more) people apart, until they can work things out.

Sometimes there’s magic - dragons or other shapeshifters, vampires, or aliens far in the future and far from Earth.

Always, there’s plenty of Hot sex.

This journey doesn’t matter who, but how. Romance to me is about the journey of people finding their one and only, their destined mate. To me, it doesn’t matter the sex of the characters as long as the journey is interesting.

But in erotic romance, I expect the sex to turn me on -- whether I’m reading it, or writing it.
I get why male/female erotic scenes make me hot.

So do M/M scenes.

There are many women out there who read M/M sex, some GLBT, some not. The idea, and the scenes, turn us on.

This is on my list of things to ponder.

Why is it so damn sexy?

You tell me, do you enjoy reading M/M sex like I do?

~ Amber


One commenter on this post will win their choice of an Amber Kallyn book bag, T-Shirt, or an autographed mini-poster (11x13) of my Dragos: Burned cover. International winners will receive an online prize.

Dragos: Burned
Now Available from Changeling Press

When Calla, a dragon shifter, heads to a sleepy mountain town to investigate their recent arson outbreak, she doesn't expect to come face to face with the dark dragon who killed her mother, or find her destined mate beneath the burning rays of the moon.
Firefighter Scott O'Neil can't fight his attraction to her, even after he finds out what she is, and the shocking secret of his own past.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming to Siren Publishing November 17th and Available Now at a 15% Discount

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois/Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, M/F/M, May-December, Suspense

Five tough operatives fall for a woman they’re supposed to eliminate. When the team discovers Paige Lambert is in fact the Queen of Hearts, they can’t ignore their handler’s orders. Will the Queen of Hearts die for her past crimes or will she end up under the protective custody of the men hired to kill her?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Why the hell did she care about those cards? Why were they so important to her? And if they meant something to her, then what kind of danger had he put himself in? Was Paige Lambert a dangerous woman or a lethal target? He shuddered. Regardless of which, Paige could’ve used his own necktie to finish him off.

She didn’t. He should’ve counted his blessings. He sure gave her plenty of opportunity.

He stared into her mesmerizing eyes, trying to figure out what kind of lunatic would sit down on his lap and grind out a lap dance worthy of a hefty tip while probing for information. Lord, if Jeff Jacobsen ever had a female counterpart, this chick could’ve been his alter ego.

“You need to move,” he finally said.

“Adam, if I wanted you dead, you’d be cold already.”

“If I wanted you fucked, you’d be penetrated and moaning.”

She moved. He did, too.

No second chances here. He didn’t trust himself. In all the years he’d been shuffling from place to place, from one job right on to the next, he’d always carried assurance in himself. He trusted his instincts. With Paige, a woman he’d just met, he couldn’t. She made him weak. Lesson learned.

“A big tough guy like yourself, and you’re afraid of me.” She twirled a lock of hair around her finger. He watched her, studied her like a new language, and decided Paige wasn’t easily interpreted. There were too many dark corners to search for everything she seemed determined to hide.

She arched a brow. The gesture made her appear smug, overly confident.

“I’m not afraid of you, Paige.” That much was true. He wasn’t scared. He was terrified. He’d let her get too close, move too fast, and while he pushed her away, he still wanted more.

“Yes, you are. You’re looking at me like you can’t wait to taste my lips again. So I dare you. Go ahead, Adam. Kiss me. Kiss me and then walk away. See if you can.”

“Two can master this game you’re playing,” he remarked, jerking her against him. “Let’s see if you receive as well as you give.”

He bit at her lips, tasting a riveting dose of uncertainty and loving its spellbinding flavor. Ah, yes, he’d find a way to work this woman if it was the last thing he’d ever do. Unfortunately, she was probably thinking the same thing about him, too.

Excerpt Two:

Callan brought her dinner—two slices of mushroom pizza. She was beginning to think she’d become a prisoner in her own home.

“Sorry it’s cold,” he began explaining. “We went over some new intel, and your microwave must require the expertise of a genius. We couldn’t figure out how to work the darn thing.”

“I can pick off the frost.”

He studied the pizza slices on her bone-white china plate.

“I’m kidding,” she said. “May I use the microwave myself?”

“Unfortunately, we’ve taken over your kitchen for the night. All appliances are temporarily unavailable. We needed the area for our computers.”

“Terrific,” she muttered, taking a hearty bite. “Tell me the refrigerator isn’t one such appliance.”

“No,” he said. “We had to keep the beer cold.”

“I’d kill for a beer.”

“Would you kiss for one?” he asked, dimples claiming his upper cheeks. Callan was a cutie pie, a real good-looking young man, but far too young for her. Prior to life-changing events and life with Ramone, Paige had liked her men young, but this one probably still slept in a cradle with a baby monitor and his pacifier nearby.

She finished chewing the remnants of a mushroom, savoring the texture like she might swallow a jagged little pill. “A little smooching, huh?” She tugged the bottle cap from the plastic water container and said, “We’ll do a little kissing after we do a little drinking.”

“You’re on,” he said, eyeing the bedside clock. “I’ll be right back.”

When Callan disappeared down the hallway, Paige noticed the time, too. It was a little after nine. Maybe she’d have enough time to find out more about their mission. If she could get an Irishman to drink, she could get an Irishman to talk.

If Paige spared a guess, Adam wouldn’t make his way upstairs before midnight. Since he stood out as the man in charge, he was probably the last one to fall in bed and the first to rise in the morning.


She shivered. Did they really expect her to sleep with a total stranger?

“Get over yourself,” she said aloud. “Since when does sleeping with merciless killers bother me?”

“Damn, woman, I like a gal who gets right down to business. But I’m not a killer, for the record.”

Connor. Great. Talking to self? Very stupid. “Like hell you’re not.”

“Call me as you see me. You’ll eventually change your mind.”

“How would you describe yourself?”

“As someone who protects his country and fellow citizens, as a man who seeks justice for horrific crimes committed. That’s who I am.”

“You’re a contracted killer. I know an assassin when I see one.”

“Then you should take a closer look. I’ve killed, but that doesn’t make me a killer.”

“Your employer gives you carte blanche, a license to get rid of people your government officials don’t want standing trial for various crimes they’ve committed. Would you like to know why? I’ll tell you.

“They fear the court of law won’t hand down a punishment great enough. When you hunt your targets, you’re no better than an executioner. You’re looking for a man or woman you fully intend to kill. And when you find them, you become judge and jury.”

“Someone’s filled your head with garbage.”

“No, someone, presumably your boss, has given you a God complex. You don’t care to hear anyone else’s viewpoints. The way you believe is the only way. For all you know, you could be hunting down an innocent person. That makes no difference to you. What matters to you is that you make a decision when the target dies. It’s your choice, and no one can stand in your way.

“You convince yourself it’s okay to pull the trigger because it’s fair. It’s just. It’s an eye for an eye, and that’s the way your system of checks and balances works—you keep score with human life. Then, because you’re you and you’re on some kind of sacred team, you stand here in my face and tell me you’re not a killer.”

Connor took a deep breath. “I’d rather talk about something else.”

“I’m sure you would.”

“So tell me something.” He paused, moved closer. “As you were saying earlier about sleeping with killers, does that mean we all get lucky or just Adam?”

“I was thinking out loud.”

“I like where that train of thought was heading.”

Excerpt Three:

Retrieving a large piece of leather luggage from the top of her closet, she started packing. Jeff stood near the French doors, eyeing the beach. “Tell me about the resort.”

“The Jekyll Island Club is swanky, a throw-back from yesteryear with many of the same upper-class families vacationing there. The old families have been coming to the island for generations. As a business owner, it’s hard to compete. The resort appealed to the upper echelon of society for a great number of years.”

“What about security?”

She looked right through him. “I’m sure you’re aware of Ramone Carpasia’s reputation. I hope you won’t put untrained guards in harm’s way. The rent-a-cops at the club are no match for Ramone. If Ramone goes public for a battle, hotel security won’t stop him. We may not.”

Jeff snickered. “I’m not afraid of your ex, baby. Besides, we’re not facing off with him tonight. We have time to put a plan together. We’ll go out to eat, enjoy a little wine, a little dancing, maybe even a little—”

“Take me off the menu,” she advised him, walking to her closet and throwing a few dresses into her suitcase. At the same time, he strolled over to her dresser, and as luck would have it, he didn’t have to search for the lingerie. He removed the narrow top drawer from the bureau and dumped all the contents into her luggage.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m making sure you’re prepared.”

She glared at him. “Have I missed something? You’ve been here for about a month. You stare at me like you hate me, threaten me whenever the opportunity presents itself, and now you seem hell-bent on fucking me.”

“Sounds about right,” he said, fingering one of her favorite lingerie items, a thin, royal blue silk negligee with lace cups, thin threads barely holding them in place, a satin tie at the waist, and a transparent skirt.

“I’d rather be married to Connor.”

His head jerked. Winking, he said, “If we were talking a true honeymoon and wedding here, I might choose Connor for you, too. But since we’re trying to keep you alive and secure our target, I’m the man for this job. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad I’m me and you’re you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked, tossing a blouse toward him and watching him fold the soft cotton like the feel of material she’d worn against her skin excited him.

“We are what we are, Paige. Men aren’t that different from women. There are men you fuck, enjoy the hell out of in bed, but you wouldn’t take them home to Mama.”

“I’m not sleeping with you.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he said. “Those are the men you want standing beside you when you meet an enemy. They have testosterone on their side. It’s what gets them going in the sack, and it’s the same thing you see coming out when a man fights for what he believes in.”

“But you won’t fight for me. You might fight beside me, but you won’t draw your gun for me.”

Moistening his lips, he caught her wrist when she tossed another article of clothing toward the luggage. “If I’m standing beside you, or anyone else, I’m fighting for you. I don’t step into the line of fire without knowing why I’m there and who I’m responsible for protecting. Got it?”

She tried to break his grip. When she failed, her gaze met his.

“We’re working together. For the time being, trust me to guard you.”

She swallowed. “I wonder how many women you’ve led to your bed with similar promises.”

“All of them.”

“And they ended up dead,” she stated flatly.

“So I’ve been known to tell a lie or two.”

“I’ll sleep with both eyes open.”

“Perfect. I knew you were a woman after my heart.”

“Bah! That’s the last thing I’m after.”

He patted her behind. “After you rubbed this all over my hard-on, I know what you’re after. My heart won’t get you off, but I have something that will.”

She grated back the urge to curse him. “God! You are so full of yourself!”

“I’d like to show you why sometime. Maybe I’ll get a chance on our honeymoon.”

“I hope I never get that desperate.”

“You will,” he promised. “I’ll make you wet, Paige, fucking wet. And then I’ll do something about it. That’s not a promise. That’s a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.”

She picked up her luggage, and he immediately took over, placing his hand over hers until she released the handle. “I won’t be used by you or anyone else.”

“Maybe not, but I’m still going to fuck you. That’s what it’s going to take to make us both happy.”

Available Now at Siren-Bookstrand for Pre-Orders
Release Date 11/17/2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phoenix Burning By Cynthia Sax

Woo hoo! Thursday was release day for Phoenix Burning. If you like spicy stories set in a medieval fantasy world OR you hunger for a different kind of shifter (a phoenix shifter, perhaps?) OR you ever wanted to burn a hero, this is the story for you!

By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Changeling Press

Phoenix Burning

Twelve years ago, Phoenix wed a child bride. Leaving her before consummating the marriage, he joined the royal court. He fought. He bedded exotic women. He dreamed every night of the child woman he left behind.

Twelve years ago, Lucinda was deserted by her perfect knight. She honed her skills as a fire sorceress. She charmed sorcerers and kings. She waited for her wandering husband to return to her. She is now done waiting.

A marriage will be tested. A warrior will burn. A love will be reborn.

Buy Now: http://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1483

"And who is the next petitioner?" Prince Reiter sounded as bored as
Phoenix felt. Hearing grievances was the most tedious part of court
life. Reiter forced his lords to attend, citing it as training for when
they took an active role in their own estates.

Whenever that would be. Phoenix examined his buffed nails and scowled at
their perfection. Every day, it grew more difficult to justify his role
as one of the prince's top warriors. Every evening, it took more women
to satisfy his carnal urges. Every night, he was haunted by a vision of
pale green eyes.

"A lady, my lord prince, is wishing an annulment from her absentee
husband," Lord Griffin announced, his lips pressed into a grim white

This unusual request garnered the attention of all those in attendance. "Her name?" Prince Reiter asked.

"She did not grant it. The lady is embarrassed, my lord prince." Phoenix
heard the sympathy in the big warrior's voice. "The marriage is long
left unconsummated, and she is a great heiress. She wishes her

"Likely so does her husband." Prince Reiter snorted. "If her dowry
cannot bring her reluctant groom to bed, she must be uncommonly
hideous." The other warriors laughed. "Mayhap I will suggest she wear a
mask to bed." The laughter increased in volume. Even Phoenix, foul mood
though he was in, smiled. "Or mayhap a full length sheet with one hole
cut in it for entry." The tent rolled with mirth.

"My lord husband," the kindhearted Princess Lizbeth rebuked him.

"Ahhh... you are correct, Princess. I should not be so unfeeling. Not
all women are as blessed as you are." Phoenix felt a tinge of envy at
the look of devotion passing from prince to princess. With all the women
he bedded, he had never been the recipient of such a look. "This lady
is deserving of our pity, my lords. Show her in, Lord Griffin." Prince
Reiter waved his ringed hand. "Let us be charitable and hear her

Guards pulled back the tent flaps. Music drifted in on the breeze, the
tune sensuous and haunting. Two comely wenches entered, each skillfully
playing an ancient instrument. Phoenix smelled their sweet perfume. They
were scantily dressed in silks and scarves, their feet bare, their long
hair flowing upon their slight shoulders. Their hips swayed as they
wound between the warriors.

"This is how one should approach their prince," Prince Reiter murmured.
What the lady lacked in physical charms, she compensated with
intelligence. His lord was clearly captivated, leaning forward with
interest. Her strategy impressed Phoenix. Her petition would be granted.

"Our lady, my lord prince," the shorter minstrel announced.

The tent flap folds revealed a leg, long and lean and a flawless ivory. A
slim ankle, bejeweled with a golden chain of tiny bells, moved in a
circle. Lust surged through Phoenix. He wished to suck on those bare
toes. He longed to caress the curve of that calf.

Then the whole of her shimmied into the tent and her feet were
forgotten. Red hair the color of an autumn sunset cascaded down a proud,
straight spine. Her breasts were small and firm, concealed only by
spirals of gold. Her flat stomach was bare. Her hips were covered by
more gold. Her harem pants were made of the sheerest green fabric.

She was too far away for Phoenix to see her eyes, but he knew their
color. They were the most fragile green like the leaves in the spring.
Her face was no longer round with youth. Her cheekbones were high and
regal. Her mouth glistened with moisture. Flames danced from her fingers
as she moved, undulating to the rhythm.

"A fire sorceress," a nearby warrior murmured, his voice thick with
lust. Phoenix balled his hands into fists. The urge to strike his friend
was great.

This fire sorceress was his. He stepped forward, attracting the
seductress's attention. She continued to dance but not for the crowd.
She danced for him -- her hands stretching out to him, her hips rocking
toward him. Her pants burned into nothing. The gold covering her breasts
and hips glowed with the heat. The flames around her built until she
was surrounded by fire.

The fire called to his beast, as her hypnotic, winding movements called
to the man. All the passion he had felt for her on their aborted wedding
night returned, pumping fiercely through his veins. It was now without
the taint of guilt. His child bride was no longer a child. She was all
woman, and she had come for him.

He would gladly go to her. He placed his hands on the wall of flames,
feeling the burn upon his palms. She smiled at him slowly, her head
tilting back, her pale neck exposed, her breasts thrust up. Phoenix
wished to bury his face in those curves and to never again emerge. The
smell of burning cloth filled the tent. The pain intensified.

"Leave her be, Lord Phoenix," Prince Reiter commanded, breaking her magic.

"I will not." Phoenix had never before refused his prince anything but
in this, he would not obey. "She is mine." He had waited long enough to
claim her.

"Nay, warrior," Prince Reiter barked. "Not this one. This lady is not for you."

The flames dissipated and the music stopped. She turned to the prince.
"You are very wise, my lord prince." She dropped into a curtsy,
displaying her fine cleavage. "It took me twelve years to determine what
you saw in one minute. Lord Phoenix is not for me." She raised one fine
red eyebrow, her green eyes sparkling with mischief. "Are you,

Did she deny their union? His sexual frustration roared to anger. "You dare to embarrass me in public, wife?"


Cynthia Sax
Demon On The Dance Floor - Big, Bad, And Horny
Badge Bunny – The Naughtiest Bunny Meets The Toughest Supercop

Phaze Books Accepting Interracial Erotic Romance for Mid-Late 2011 Release

Now in our sixth year of providing quality erotic romance and women's erotica to discerning readers, Phaze Books looks foward to the future. Especially known for our best-selling interracial romance titles by favorite authors like Bridget Midway, Marie Rochelle, and Zena Wynn, it is our hope to continue offering the smartest, sexiest I/R novels and stories for eBook lovers.

We invite authors to submit works of 15K words and higher for inclusion in our growing catalog of I/R titles. We want characters who provoke the reader and each other, romance and conflict that turn pages, and explicit sex that forces readers to wear oven mitts while holding their e-readers!

We definitely welcome sub-genres within I/R, too! We'd love to see more historical, BDSM, menage, futuristic and shape-shifters...even steampunk! Take your HEA couple on a wild ride and show us your best work.

Though our most popular titles feature the BW/WM pairing, Phaze Books also welcomes books featuring other multicultural combinations: Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc. The standard no-nos apply (no incest, pedophilia, positive rape, bodily waste fetishes) and interested authors are invited to visit our guidelines at http://www.Phaze.com/ for formatting details.

When you're ready, submit your cover letter, completed novel, and synopsis/marketing history to submission@phaze.com. Thank you!

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A love of reading but a reading slump in the books I love

I love reading. Always have, always will. Books are my friends. I have so many treasured books on my keeper shelves.

Lately I've been experiencing a reading slump in the two categories I love, erotic romane and paranormal. Just haven't been getting into books I've been reading, even if I know they are good. I'm just blah about them.

However, I have been getting into Young Adult. There are some phenomenal books out there like Hunger Games and Hate List. Wicked Lovely was good. I'm in awe of the really captivating stories out there in this genre. They'd been keeping me up at night, a job that erotic romance and paranormal used to have.

I miss erotic romance. And paranormal. Maybe I just OD'd on it?

What do you do when you get in a reading slump in your favorite genres? Any suggestions for me to ride this out?

Don't get me wrong, I want to keep reading Young Adult. But I'd like to get back into the genres I love, too.

Mechele Armstrong

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Read - Fantasea by Ann Cory

By Ann Cory
(copyright 2009-2010)

Chapter one

Brianna clicked on her favorite antique lamp and sat down in the plush recliner. Rain tapped against the windowpanes, creating a soothing sound. It helped cast away the stress from her day job where she’d rushed around with hardly a word of praise from her boss. The job description had read administrative assistant, not personal slave to the devil himself. Her calves ached from the brand new beige pumps she’d bought on sale. She sighed in relief as she slipped them off and put her feet up. Dinner would wait.

Outside it was dark and only a sliver of the moon shone through the window. Late nights at the office needed to stop. Life was passing her by. She reached over and picked up the book she’d found a few days earlier. It had been tucked beneath a box of old dress shirts her ex-husband had once worn. She had no idea why the book had been hidden, or why she still had his clothes, but it didn’t matter much now.
Brianna turned the book around in her hands, as if it would magically tell her the reason for its existence. She had to admit it was intriguing, like finding hidden treasure. The book jacket was gone, leaving a worn hardcover tinted deep blue with the title FANTASEA faintly inscribed on the spine.

She hadn’t bothered reading romance books after her bitter divorce. Anything resembling love left a tar-like taste in the back of her throat. Her self-esteem had taken a heavy beating, and she vowed that if she did ever fall in love again, the man would have to love her for who she was. Unlike her husband, who felt it his duty to mold her into a perfect being, only then to remind her daily that she was anything but. Consequently, by throwing herself into work and pity parties, her sex life had crashed and burned. Even with the aid of an expensive dildo and other toys, Brianna needed the physical touch of a man.

She rested her head back for a few moments and gazed out the window. Between the drops of rain she could barely make out the trees around her lawn. They looked distorted and small. The grass needed to be mowed badly and she cringed at the thought of how many weeds had accumulated. She’d been meaning to take care of the yard, along with the house and herself, but like everything else in her life, she just stopped caring. With a sigh, Brianna turned her attention back to the book and blew away a thin layer of dust. It was a perfect night to read and get lost in the story. She opened it and skimmed through the first page.

Lorenzo had been lost at sea during a violent storm. His tiny boat rocked and spun along the relentless waves until he rapped his head hard against the wooden frame.
The first words were gripping and drew her right in. Whoever Lorenzo was she hoped he survived. Though only a character in the book, she all ready cared about him and didn’t want to see him hurt. The thought of being out to sea frightened her. She didn’t know how to swim and admired anyone brave enough to travel by boat.
Brianna flipped the page to continue reading when the paper dissolved in her hands and turned into soft white dove’s wings. They fluttered before her face, their feathers beating against her cheek. Startled, she cried out.

Chapter Two

When the flapping of the wings stopped, Brianna realized everything around her had changed. The bitter taste of salt lined her lips and a wistful breeze blew at her chestnut tresses. She stepped forward and her bare feet sank into warm, velvety sand. Using her hand as a shield from the sun, she followed her gaze and found miles of blue-green water all around her. White foam tumbled along the toffee colored sand and then slunk back as if pulled by a magnetic force.

Off to her right she saw a small boat that looked like it had washed up on shore recently. The waves lapped at the sides, rocking it gently. Gulls noisily squawked overhead. A broken paddle hung from the side of the boat, tangled up in a mess of seaweed. Cautiously she walked closer. When she peered in, she gasped. A body lay still, arms limp at the sides. Dark ringlets framed a handsome male face, set in a peaceful repose. A thin layer of stubble surrounded his slender, pale lips. The white shirt he wore was torn in several places and showed off a nice, strong chest with minimal hair. Her lungs tightened. She hoped he was asleep and not dead.

Brianna knelt to stir him when his eyes flashed open. Deep jade green eyes surrounded by long lashes, thickened by droplets of water. He gazed at her, unmoving.
She scrambled to think up something interesting to say, but her mind blanked. “Uh, hello, sir. Are you hurt?”

His lips curled into an animated grin. “Not now. I should bump my head more often.”
He had a deep, whiskey-laced voice. Such a tuneful sound to her ears. “Why is that?”
“If it’s the only way to meet a beautiful goddess such as yourself, then bumping my head can’t be all bad.”

Brianna’s face burned with heat. She wasn’t used to compliments from a man. “I’m flattered.” She stood and held out her hands, palms up. “Let me help you up.”

The stranger clasped his hands around hers. They were unusually warm. He groaned as he stood and brushed himself off. Brianna tried hard to not stare at him but caught a quick glimpse below his belt. The stranger stretched his arms high and then rested his gaze on her.

Small talk was never her thing but her curiosity was piqued. “How did you get here?”
Brianna laughed. “No, I’m serious.”
“Ah, you want some tragic story where I fought off a great white shark and a giant squid with my bare hands?”
She liked his sense of humor and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Only if that’s what really happened.”

He scratched beneath his chin and tilted his head. “The real story is uneventful, but here goes. I was on an expedition ship, but the bottom got scraped up on the reef. In a matter of minutes the boat started to sink. We were told to row ourselves to safety. Only three small rowboats, mind you that couldn’t hold much weight. Unfortunately the one I chose sprang a leak almost immediately and the paddles broke.”

“Then you were all alone?”
He shrugged and wrung out the ends of his shirt. “I’m not sure what happened to the others onboard.”
It was strange that his words were the same as the book she’d been reading. “I’m glad. I mean, not that you don’t know where the others are, but that you survived.” She bit her lip to keep from saying anything else stupid.
“Seeing your pretty face, I’ll have to say that I’m happy I survived as well. Name’s Lorenzo.” He stuck out his hand and she tenderly shook it.

“I’m Brianna.” She thought it even more strange to dream of the very man from the story. “Are you by chance a pirate?”
His wet mop of hair wiggled as he laughed. “I see how it is. If you’re marooned on an island after jumping ship, there’s no other excuse than to be a pirate.”
She put her hand to her mouth and shook her head. “I didn’t mean…”
“I’m only poking a little fun, sugar. No, I’m a sailor at heart. Out for an adventure with my mates. This isn’t the first time we’ve run into problems.”
“I really do hope they’re okay. Don’t you carry a cellphone?”

He gave her a funny look. “A true sailor doesn’t carry a phone. We try and do things the way they did back in the old days. Makes it feel more authentic.”
Heat rushed to her face. “Sorry. Guess I don’t know much about sailing. I’m afraid of the water.”

Lorenzo folded the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. “Not surprising. Most people are, or think they are. I was too, if you can imagine. Once I got out into the middle of the sea and watched everything around me disappear, I learned to like it. Now I love it. No worries, no cares, nothing but the calming waves of the water to lull me into submission.”

For a moment she lost herself in his poetic words. “Sounds nice, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over my fear. If you don’t mind my asking, how will you know if your friends made it alive?”

He shrugged and shifted his weight. “Time will tell, I suppose. We’re a rugged bunch, so I’m not too concerned.”
“Will they try to find you?”
“It’s not our usual practice to go looking for one another. We’ll end up meeting at a pub sooner or later and everything will be back to normal. Drinks will be ordered and it’ll feel like no time has passed. Then we’ll swap stories about how we survived.”

Brianna bit her lip. “If I’m asking too many questions, please let me know.”
He waved his hand in the air and chuckled. “Nonsense. I don’t mind at all. Can’t get to know someone without asking questions. Besides, I’ve been alone with myself for a couple days now, and I have to say that I make lousy company.”
She liked the way he made her feel. When she was married, her husband used to say that she needed to keep a button on her lip and stop drilling people. All she’d ever wanted was to get to know others. “I highly doubt that. It’s exciting to listen to you.”

“Now it’s my turn to be flattered.”
Lorenzo stepped out of the boat and teetered on his legs. She stretched out her hand, and he gripped her tightly, but not uncomfortably. In that split second of contact her body reacted, and a thin layer of wetness coated her cotton panties.
“My apologies, sugar. Seems my legs are still out to sea.”
“I don’t mind.” Her nipples stretched beneath her bra. The guy had a definite affect on her.
“You know, it’s kind of nice falling into you. Feels good. And as much as I love sailing, it feels good to have my feet back on land again.”
Brianna didn’t know what to say, her body was too busy doing all the responding.
He shook his head. “Here I’ve gone and embarrassed you. Not a very gentlemanly thing to do. Tell me, are all the islanders here as courteous as you?”
Brianna wasn’t sure how to answer. So far she hadn’t seen anyone else and in the book it said the boat washed up on a deserted island. “I have a feeling that I’m the only one.”

“Ah, well if everyone else is unkind, I guess I’ll stay away from them.”
She laughed. “No, I mean, I don’t think there are any other people on this island.” The breeze changed as a batch of dark clouds blocked the sunlight, sending a chill through her body. With a shiver she rubbed her arms.
“How about I start us a fire before it gets dark and then we can talk some more.”
The idea sounded perfect. “You know how to start a fire without matches?”
He thrust out his chin and gave her a salute. “I’ve got four years of Boy Scouts under my belt, and I wouldn’t dare go out to sea without knowing how to survive if I got lost. Plus I do have matches,” he added, tapping his fingers again a small pouch he wore around his waist. “If you could help gather some sticks, we’ll get a hearty fire going in no time.”
Her need to please him was very strong for having only just met, but it made her feel useful and wanted. “I’d be happy to help.”

Chapter Three

Brianna searched the shore for sticks and carried them over to the fire pit he’d made of stones. She could feel his eyes on her while she walked back and forth.
“Are you making sure I do it right?”

“I’m sorry, it’s hard not to stare. You’re a vision to my eyes. I love the way your hair whips in the breeze and shows off your swanlike neck.”
She giggled silently and dropped more sticks down. “People don’t talk like that anymore.”

“When you’re stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere, poetry makes a great companion.” He pulled out a small soggy book from his back pocket. “Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Keats. I heard women liked poetry and decided to read some.”
Brianna unloaded another armload of sticks and brushed off her hands. “I admit to being a sucker for poetry.”

A sly smile started on his face and she narrowed her eyes at him. “What?”
“I didn’t want to say anything before, but every time you bent over to set down the sticks, your blouse jutted open.”
She fixed her hands on her hips and gave him a sharp look. “Well now, isn’t that poetic. I hope you’ve been enjoying the free show.”
He grinned and worked on piling the sticks in a certain way. “Guilty.”
“Do you always sweet talk women like this?”

His laughter filled the emptiness in the air. “Nah, I haven’t been in the company of a lady for a number of years, so you’ll have to excuse my rambling. I bet you don’t mind my telling you how beautiful you are.”
She didn’t mind at all. In fact, she longed to be complimented. “It’s nice to hear.” Brianna watched him kneel down and light a match. A nice flame started among the sticks. Smells of ocean air and burning wood reminded her of a family vacation on the fourth of July. It had been a long time since she felt happy.
“There we go. I think we have all the sticks we need. Why don’t you come sit down? I haven’t much for food except what’s in my day pouch.” From a small bag around his waist, he took out a tin can and bag of crackers. “Tuna on crackers it is. Sorry I can’t wine and dine you in style.”

She was impressed enough by the fact he was carrying food. “I don’t mind. Tuna is my favorite. ”
Lorenzo took off his shirt and laid it on the sand beside him. “Here, this will be more comfortable for you to rest your provocative bottom on.”
With his shirt off she was rendered speechless. His tan and toned body distracted her, but in a good way. She bet it would feel good to be nuzzled close in his arms. “Are you sure?”
“I’d sure like it if you would, but you do whatever makes you comfortable.”
Brianna sat on his shirt with knees bent to her chest and ankles crossed. Being next to him added even more warmth than the crackling fire. “You did a great job. This is nice.”

“Thank you. It seems we have good chemistry between us, I like that. Mind if I ask you a question or two?”
“No, not at all, considering all the ones I asked you.”
“I didn’t mind. You mentioned you were the only person on the island. If that’s true, how did you get stuck here?”
Brianna thought for a moment. If she told him the truth, he’d never believe her. She didn’t even believe it herself. Time travel by book. She could picture him running away, worried he’d been stuck with a raving lunatic. No, the truth would be too difficult to explain. Instead she lied. “Shipwrecked, only no one will be looking for me.”

“That’s awful. Do you mean that someone left you here?”
Brianna didn’t know how else to explain. She’d opened a book about him and wound up on an island? Lorenzo’s life had excitement and suspense, he was an adventurer at heart. Her life was a daily dose of boring. Instead of concocting a wild story, she thought a brief summarization would do.
“I don’t think anyone else survived.”
“Well don’t worry your beautiful head about anything. When help arrives we’ll get off this island together.”
The word together had a nice ring to it. He moved to fix another stick into the fire and brushed his arm against her. She swallowed hard. Alone on a deserted island with a handsome man, and no one else around. If she could figure out a way to lose her inhibitions, the night promised to be a memorable one.

Chapter Four

Lorenzo opened the can with a small opener and piled a spoonful of tuna onto a cracker. She reached for it but he pulled his hand away.
“Huh uh. Open wide.”
Brianna’s body trembled. His close proximity had her heart pounding like crazy. She didn’t want to seem ungrateful and did as he asked.
The faint touch of his fingers against her lips was electric. He slid the cracker in and she chewed, her eyes fixated on his. She watched him pile the tuna on another cracker and as he put it to his mouth, her shyness melted away.
“Allow me.”

It was her turn. Brianna set the cracker in his mouth and he caught her finger with his lips before she could pull it out. The slight suckling made her body vibrate. He removed her finger and kissed it, the flames of the fire reflecting in his eyes.
“You know how to stir a man’s appetite, sugar.”
Lorenzo leaned into her. The heat of his breath hypnotized her. She closed in the gap and shut her eyes as his lips found hers. He kissed long and deep with his tongue. She tasted the salt of the cracker on his moist lips. Oh god, how her body burned. His hand rested on the back of her neck and drew her closer. She wanted this moment to last forever. When he paused, Brianna opened her eyes and blinked away the blurred vision.

“I don’t know your feelings on being with a complete and total stranger the first night, but if we kiss like that again I’m going to want more.”
Her body was a puddle. “Then you take more, because I’m not done kissing you.”
“Beautiful siren, your words are music to my ears.”

She rose to her knees with him. Again they kissed, but with far more hunger than the first time. Brianna had been starved of physical attention and couldn’t stop herself. Their lips parted briefly when he pulled off her shirt and worked at the hooks of her bra. Unable to get his nervous fingers to cooperate, she helped him and the confining garment fell to the sand. Her nipples sashayed against his chest and hardened tight. The heat between her thighs doubled and she wanted nothing more than to feel him throb between them.

Again he broke away, panting, his heart pounding so hard she could feel it against her chest.
“Do I dare touch you where my fingers long to roam?”
“Yes, oh yes Lorenzo. Have your way with me.”
“I shall, sugar.”
He pulled up her skirt and slipped his finger beneath the material of her panties. His thumb rotated along her clit until she was breathless. She pressed her body tight to his, hardly able to wait.

He slipped his finger into her pussy and swiped against her clit. She clenched her stomach muscles. All she could think about was how near his cock was to her waiting sex. He was relentless in his movements, refusing to slow down or back off at all. Lorenzo spread kisses from her lips to her neck and breasts, finally stopping at her nipples. He grazed one between his mouth, suckling the life out of it, and then moved to the other. Her body shook fiercely. The stimulation on her nipples made her pulse pound so loud it blocked out the sound of the sea.

Simultaneously he suckled a nipple and kneaded at her clit. Her knees tingled but she wasn’t about to move.
“I’m so close,” Brianna cried. “The things you’re doing to me…”
He pulled back and stared, his eyes blazing with lust. “Come on, sugar. Give this sailor some of your siren sweetness.”
His words beckoned her orgasm and pulled it closer. She wriggled her hips, trying desperately to free the awaiting climax.
“Let it go, sugar. Drench my fingers so I can fuck you proper.”
He thrust his fingers inside her wetness repeatedly, his thumb catering to her clit. Brianna bit her lip. The orgasm was there, waiting for something, but she didn’t know what.

“I want to.”
Lorenzo thrust his fingers faster, his tongue flickering sharply at her nipples.
Her abdomen clenched tighter and she gripped his shoulders.
“That’s right, lass. Come for me.”
She moaned and let it all go. The scale of her climax was intense. It had never felt so good. Years of fake orgasms had robbed her of knowing how liberating a real one could be.
“Mmm. Yes. You’ve got my cock rock hard, now lass. Lay back and rest your calves on my shoulders.”
Brianna barely had time to lie down before he was above her, helping to hoist her still quivering legs over his shoulders. His thick cock pressed against her entry and she moaned as he pushed all the way in. Her pussy continued to spasm from the first orgasm while bringing her close to the edge of a second. With his cock thrashing between her soaked folds, he cried out.

“You’re so tight. The way you clench your muscles will make my climax swift.”
He moved his cock in and out while thrilling her clit. The man knew how to stimulate a woman in all the right places. Lorenzo pulled her further into him and she rocked her pelvis, squeezing him tightly, groaning at the erotic friction they created.
“I’m going to come again,” Brianna cried.
Her hips bucked and her climax rush forward. She watched his eyes tighten and face turn red just as his mouth opened to bellow.
“Now, oh god yes, right now.”

He draped his body over top hers while he spilled his desire into her.
“You beautiful, beautiful woman.”
His lips scoured her face, neck, and breasts. Their warm bodies were slick with sweat.
“I’ve never known a man to pleasure me so completely. Thank you.”
He climbed off her and lay on his side, spooning her body. “A woman should always come first.”
The night air was sweet with their sex.
“I should get something to cover you with so you don’t get cold.”
Brianna grabbed his arm and let it drape over her breasts. “All I need is your body heat.”
She couldn’t believe the satisfaction flowing through her. Sex was good. It didn’t have to leave her empty and ashamed. For once she could erase the mental tapes she’d kept of her husband. Women had needs and deserved to have them met. Brianna closed her eyes and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, her body buzzing with life.

Chapter Five

Brianna had no idea how much time had passed when she opened her eyes. The fresh scents of the island and their passion invigorated her. She enjoyed the comfort of Lorenzo’s body behind hers. As she snuggled her bottom in closer to him, she felt the beginning of an erection poke into her.

“You know how to wake a man with a smile there, sugar. Didn’t think my body would work after our evening soiree, but now you’ve gone and awakened the serpent again.”
She rolled to her back. “I’m not at all disappointed to hear you say so.”
Lorenzo’s fingers swept along her arm and sent tingles throughout her body. He sat up, his lips nearing her breast when he paused and looked out to the sea.
“I don’t believe it, sugar. I see a boat. Someone has come to rescue us!” He hurried into his pants and waved his tattered shirt in the air.

Brianna gasped and quickly threw her clothes on. While she didn’t share in his excitement, she didn’t want to be seen naked by complete strangers, well other than him. As she buttoned her shirt, a dull ache started in her heart. She’d enjoyed herself for the first time in years and didn’t want it to end. Why should things go back to the way they were? Lorenzo had saved her. He’d rescued her from a stagnant existence. He was right that they had amazing chemistry together. Why did they ever need to leave the island?

A large boat floated up onto shore and three men in lifejackets jumped out, soaking the bottom of their pants.
A tall man with sandy blond hair walked up first, an emergency kit slung over his shoulder. “I’m McKenzie, part of the local rescue team. Is anyone hurt?”
Lorenzo greeted him with a slap to the man’s shoulder and a brief handshake. “We’re glad to see you, mates. To my knowledge there is no one here but us. What made you think to look here?”

Two other men joined their partner and set down a cooler and extra lifejackets. McKenzie laid the first aid kit down and rested his hands on his hips. “Someone radioed that they’d seen a beaten up boat float by some time in the night with what looked like a dead passenger. They shouted at you, but apparently you didn’t hear them.”
Lorenzo rubbed his head. “I believe I hit my head and passed out. Must not have heard them. Damn.”
“No harm done. We’re happy to see that you’re alive and well.” The man turned and looked in her direction. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

Brianna smiled and nodded her head. “Oh yes. I’m thrilled you found us.” In her mind she cursed them. Things had been perfect. The formalities of no food, shelter, or clean clothes seemed trivial. She’d been alone on an island with a man whose touch ignited an exciting amount of pleasure. She’d been looking forward to days and nights of learning about one another, and hot passionate sex. It was a fantasy come true, usually reserved for romance books and Hollywood movies, but it had been hers. Once they got on the boat, all of the enchantment would disappear.
McKenzie tipped his hat. “If you’re ready, we’d like to take you back to civilization.”

Her mouth went dry. It wasn’t just her fear of the water setting in. It was fear of going back. She wanted to decline their offer, but knew it would make her sound like a lunatic. Lorenzo would probably laugh at her and think she was joking. Reluctantly she followed.
“Please put on these lifejackets. The waves get wild the further out we go.”
Brianna turned and gave Lorenzo a worried look.
“Don’t you worry, sugar. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.”
She still didn’t like the idea, but if it meant more time with him than it was worth it.

Lorenzo helped secure her lifejacket. “It’s a good thing they came for us, sugar. Don’t you think?”
“I don’t know. Water frightens me.”
“I promise to take good care of you. You’ll be fine. Okay? I’ll hold you nice and tight. It’s better than being stranded, don’t you think?”
She nodded. “Yes, I suppose.” Her idea of a safe place was with him on the island, far away from everything. Away from worries, strain, and unhappiness. Still, she didn’t want to seem unappreciative. The rescuers were only doing their job.
McKenzie and Lorenzo helped her aboard the boat first and she staggered on nervous legs over to the far bench. The other men pushed the boat into the water and climbed aboard.
Brianna’s legs were shaky and her stomach in knots. Lorenzo sat beside her and kissed her cheek.

“Why don’t you rest your head on my lap? Drift off to sleep if you’d like. It might help ease the tension and you don’t have to see the water.”
She followed his suggestion and made herself comfortable. His arm cradled her neck and he held her hand.
“That’s right. You just rest your pretty head and imagine all of this away.”
Brianna started to panic. The only thing she wanted to imagine away was their being rescued. Everything else could go on for an eternity. She chewed at the insides of her cheeks. Lorenzo hummed quietly and then started to sing. It wasn’t a song she’d heard once, and it soothed her. Almost like rain on a window. She loved the deep, comforting sound of his voice. He could sing her a thousand songs and she’d never tire of them.

The rocking of the boat made her sleepy. She could hardly keep her eyes open. Above her the sky swayed. A different sound caught her attention, coming from somewhere in the distance. The sound of rain. Tapping against glass. Brianna’s mind drifted away from the boat and the bright golden sky. In the next blink of her eye, the sky turned stark white. Intense and nearly blinding. It was so brilliant that her eyes filled with tears.

Chapter Six

Brianna rubbed her eyes and was startled at the change. She was back in her home, sitting in the recliner with her feet propped up. Had she even left? It had all been too dreamlike, too perfect. No one fell in love that way anymore.
Outside, the darkness loomed. Rain tapped against the window and the book sat in her lap, open to the last page. Her fingers ached from gripping the cover so tight. Even if it had all been in her head, she’d enjoyed the moment.

Books had always helped her escape before, but this one had captured her completely. The realness of the situation both excited and frightened her. She could still taste salt when she licked her lips. Lorenzo had been good to her and she’d miss his company. Any woman would be lucky to have him as a lover.
Out of curiosity she opened the book to the first page to see the similarities of her dream. A few sentences down, the words were different, and she recognized her name. Plain as could be.

Lorenzo tended to the fire, all the while his mind still on the mysterious woman who stole his heart. He would keep the fire lit until Brianna returned. He prayed she knew it took only a thought and she would be next to him, anytime she wanted.
The pages fluttered in her hands. Did she dare? Her body still burned from the way he’d touched her. How could she possibly live without that? She immediately wished herself back on the island.

Lorenzo finished adding more wood to the fire and then sat beside her. “Ah, my dear, I see you’ve been reading our story again.”
She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. “I couldn’t stay away from you.”
“This island belongs to us. I’ll always be waiting for you here.”
Brianna smiled. “Will I like how the story ends?”
His hand rested on hers. “Ours is a to-be-continued story. It only ends when you want it to.”
“Then I plan to read our book every night for the rest of my life.”
She snuggled against him and felt the warmth of the fire. Brianna unbuttoned her shirt and pressed her body tight against his chest. “Make love to me, Lorenzo.”
“As many times as you want.”
Her hand slid down below his waist. She would like living in a fantasy.

Hope you enjoyed!
~Ann Cory

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marianne LaCroix: I have 3 brand new releases coming!

I am so excited with the upcoming releases from Ellora's Cave. On Dec 9th my kinky schoolgirl/spanking story, Rosy Cheeks, comes out. I also have  a "Naughty Nooner" called Let's Get Naked coming soon too. AND I am working on The Devil's Web, a Regency set vampire novella coming in 2011 from Imajinn Books. The Devil's Web will be included in the print anthology with MA DuBarry, Dark and Deadly Tales.

About Let's Get Naked:
Maddie is a thirty-nine year old divorcee forced to start again with her sex life. She resorts to an online romance with a man she knows as “Guy” and fantasizing about her much younger next door neighbor, Ryan. When “Guy” suggests they meet, the last person Maddie expects is Ryan. He’s plotted her seduction for months—and now it is time for them both to live out a few sexual fantasies.

 About Rosy Cheeks:

Vicki McClay wants one thing for Christmas—Mr. Robertson. While sucking on a juicy red lollipop and dressed in a short plaid skirt, killer heels and pigtails, she sets her plan in motion. Vicki struts into his office offering lip service to the straight laced teacher in exchange for a passing grade in algebra, but he will not be bribed. In fact her proposition earns her a spot over his knee and her skirt hiked up for one heck of a spanking. Before the night is through, Vicki learns several lessons at the capable hands of Mr. Robertson.

Here's an excerpt from Rosy Cheeks:

“I suggest you behave yourself, Miss McClay. You’re tempting me to teach you much more than algebra.”

She sighed. “Quite frankly, I’m not sure tutoring will help get my grades up.” She moved to the desk and set down her textbook. “However, I’m willing to discuss a possible…arrangement.”

“Such as?”

“Well, I thought maybe if I give you something, then perhaps I could pass the class.”

“Give me something? Sounds like a bribe.”

“Oh no, not a bribe…more like a service.” She lifted one leg onto the desk chair, giving him a generous view of her red lace panties. She reached down and ran her fingertips over her barely covered cleft. “Call it lip service, Mr. Robertson,” she purred in a low, husky voice.

Removing his tie, he tried to maintain composure, but her offer intrigued him judging by the tell-tale bulge in his pants.

She started moving her fingers up and down over her pussy. “I think about sucking your cock. I think about it a lot. I want to suck on you very much, Mr. Robertson. I thought maybe if I sucked your cock and made you come, I could get a B.”

He paused. “And to get an A?”

She gently bit her bottom lip. “You can finish in my mouth,” she offered in a meek voice.

He waited a moment then asked, “Spit or swallow?” His tone was hard and unwavering.

She tilted down her face. “I can try to swallow. To be honest I’ve never done this before. I may need a little guidance in how to give good head and then swallow.”

“Hmm…of course.” He chuckled. “Tell me, how many of your teachers have you made this offer to?”


He fell silent.

She waited for his reply then dared to gaze at his face without lifting her head. He held his glasses in his hand and studied her with his cool, calculating eyes.

Then he broke the silence and asked, “Why me? What makes me so special?”

“Well I…” she stammered, “I find you incredibly sexy. You turn me on so much, I can’t help myself and sometimes I touch myself while thinking about you. I reach down between my legs and slide my fingers over my clit wishing you’d touch me there.” She closed her eyes and moved aside the lace and dipped a finger into her juices. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away.

“You’re a very bad girl. Do you think you can pass my class by offering sexual favors?” He held her arm in a firm but not bruising grip. He grasped her other forearm and with his tie, he bound her wrists together. “I think you deserve to learn a new lesson tonight. One you will remember every time you sit down.”

“No, please,” she begged. “Wait, I can explain.”

“No need to explain. I understand perfectly.” He led her to his chair, sat and pulled her over his lap. “You’re a naughty girl who doesn’t do her homework and tries to get out of it by trying to seduce her teacher. Well, it won’t work. Not with me.”

He lifted her short skirt and ran his hand slowly over the curve of her ass, one cheek at a time. Then he gave her behind a firm swat. She gasped at the sting and wriggled on his lap.

“Move out of position, little girl, and I will start over again.”

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Phaze Books 6th Anniversary

Phaze Books is six years old this November! We are happy to celebrate yet another year providing sizzling hot romances for our readers. We are grateful to the readers who have enjoyed our books since November, 2004 when we launched with five titles, and to the authors who have joined us in the time following.

We are currently preparing a giveaway to coincide with our anniversary and will post details soon. In the meantime, we invite you to join our Facebook page for updates on new releases. Thank you for six wonderful years!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Breakfast by the Sea is Coming to Siren Publishing on November 17, 2010

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois/Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, M/F/M, May-December, Suspense

Five tough operatives fall fast for a woman they’re supposed to eliminate. When the team discovers Paige Lambert is in fact the Queen of Hearts, they can’t ignore their handler’s orders. Will the Queen of Hearts die for her past crimes or will she end up under the protective custody of the men hired to kill her?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


He felt like he’d just laid eyes on her for the first time. He started at her chin, noticing the way the dark brown hair curved under her jaw, a lock of hair so delicate but there nonetheless, like it was clinging for dear life. Was that what Paige was doing? Was she frightened? Was she running scared?

His gaze traveled down her long, slender neck. He admired how she held her head high, the structure of her slender collarbone leading to a bare chest with plenty for a man to enjoy. Before he indulged too much, Paige knelt down and retrieved her clothes, shrugging into a sports bra, one she had to yank over those full mounds in order to secure them.

Damn. She was right. Snapping that neck of hers would be a terrible waste.

That’s when his mouth watered. Why hadn’t he gawked when she’d been topless? And why did he find her sexy as all fucking hell right then?

Her flat stomach made him itch. He’d love to kiss around her sunken belly button and insinuate a slow sex act, make her arch for him, beg him for more.

Finally, he studied the band of her shorts. What he’d give to lick and tease his way a little lower, strip away those shorts and show her what she’d been missing. Maybe in her body, he’d find what he’d been looking for all along. Perhaps he needed to fuck a woman he wasn’t later expected to kill. Then again, he couldn’t be so sure that order wouldn’t come.

Stop thinking!

“Is something wrong?” she asked, batting her eyelashes.

“No,” he replied, storming ahead of her. Suddenly, he wondered why she followed him then when she hadn’t trailed behind him before. He stopped, turned around, and shook his finger again. “Don’t you dare run. I’d like to have breakfast before we do that again.”

“Okay,” she said, catching up and walking beside him. “Want to answer my question now?”

“Which one?”

“How can you keep up with me?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he growled.

“I’m asking.”

“I’m in great shape.”

“I can tell.”

Jeff stopped at the bottom of the steps. “Is that you coming on to me?”

She sashayed by him. “No, Jeff. That was me trying to figure out how I can outrun you next time.”

“There won’t be a next time,” he told her, grabbing her from behind and slamming her against the steps, bracing her back with his large hands.

His breath matched hers. The move knocked the wind out of both of them.

“Now what?”

“I’m not going to kiss you,” he said, thinking he wouldn’t put up much of a fight if she laid one on him.

She moistened her lips. “I didn’t think so,” she whispered, arching her neck. “What if I kiss you?”

“Is that what you’re planning to do? You have the rest of these guys by the balls, and since I’m not turning tricks to taste the pudding, what ’cha gonna do, darlin’, offer me a spoon?”

“I don’t understand your riddles,” she stated flatly, licking those full, enticing lips once more.

“Let me give you a warning. I’m the real thing, sweetheart. I’m in Jekyll Island to work. It’s something all of us do very well when we don’t have a distraction. Now, since I’ve been assigned to you for the time being, I’m setting you straight. You’ll do what I tell you, and you’ll do it with a wide smile to boot. Understand?”

“Or you’ll what?”

“I told you what I’d do. If you want to see how much I enjoy skinny-dipping, pull one of your stunts again. I’ll drag you into that ocean and make sure every tourist within ten miles hears you when you scream.”

“I already heard the guys talking. You wouldn’t rape me,” she said, narrowing her gaze and proving then that she wasn’t so sure.

“Rape? Hell, no. You’ll respond to me like a bitch in heat. I have a way about me.”

“Really? Who would’ve thought?” she asked diabolically, moving her lips to his ear. “Who can I ask to verify this? Hmm? Have you left any of your past lovers alive? Because if you have, I’d love to give them a call and invite them to join me for tea.”

Destiny Blaine is an award-winning best selling author of erotic and ménage romance. Readers can visit Destiny on the web at www.destinyblaine.com or www.destinyblaine.blogspot.com