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Happy Holidays...And a Free Read!

I feel so lucky to be able to blog here today at TRS, right before Christmas! I absolutely love this time of year, and it’s not about the presents (though they’re nice) or the snow (I live in the Arizona desert) or even the Christmas music (which I start listening to in mid-November every year). No, what I love most about the holidays is family. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, having everyone gather about and wax poetic about the past and share aspirations for the future. I’m blessed to be surrounded by loved ones, and I hope you are as well—be them family or friends...even furry little four-legged creatures. :-)

I’d like to share with you a very special story I wrote several years ago. It’s about finding your way back from a dark place and opening yourself to love again, when all hope seems lost. PROMISE OF FOREVER is the story of a man and woman suffering from a horrific loss that drove them apart. But during the holiday season in London, they have the chance to reclaim a great love...if only they’ll open themselves to Christmas magic and a passion that has never died.

Email me at calista(at)calistafox(dot)com for your free electronic copy of PROMISE OF FOREVER. And may your holiday season be merry and bright—and your New Year healthy and happy!




Recovering from a personal tragedy, Celia Chandler is ready to get her life back. But the deeply passionate romance she once shared with sexy UK bookstore owner Ben Huntington has long since simmered. Christmas miracles are never to be underestimated, though, and when Celia dares to walk past Ben’s store window on a blustery Christmas Eve, their encounter proves that sparks still fly between them.

But are Celia and Ben’s everlasting love and desire for each other enough to help them overcome a loss that destroyed both their worlds?

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Building a Universe

By Em Petrova

As readers, many of us have been sucked into an entire world and never wanted to surface. From Jane Austen to Harry Potter, the rich language and description leave us feeling like we’ve met new friends and now exist in that time or place long after we’ve read “the end” and closed the book.

Writers have an enormous challenge when it comes to satisfying readers. Creating a world isn’t an easy task, but it’s less overwhelming if you layer. What does that mean? I’ll break it down.

Think of your world in long, flat slices. There’s a solid mass at the bottom that is the descriptive part of the world. How the sky looks, what the flowers smell like, character descriptions and if the water flows up or down.

Next there’s a meaty layer that revolves around characters. Description of your characters and their personality traits must go here, but that’s not all. In building a world, you must expound on this concept. How do the characters interact with their world? Whether it’s werewolves and a pack or Bella Swan discovering there are hidden creatures that walk the earth, it’s a crucial part you can’t ignore.

Then some extra layers must go into the mix—things like religion, morals, healthcare, diet, traditions, prejudices. These are the flavors that stick with readers. They might not recall your hero’s name, but they’ll remember he likes smashed snails on toast before guzzling his beluga juice aboard the Quantum Sector-Seven Submarine. So liberally sprinkle such details and see if your universe doesn’t come alive!

The topping is the plot that will weight all these layers down and make them cohesive. Don’t skimp on the plot. Make sure your universe is packed with goals, motivation and conflict. After all, a world is empty without real purpose.

I’ll leave you with a snippet from my latest release Encompassed- Book Four of the Immortal Series. Thanks for reading and stay steamy!

Blurb: After hundreds of immortal years together, ship captain Dante and Mayan Princess Maria’s union has grown a bit stale. Bonded through a phenomenon known as the Calling, they share a loving and deep relationship. But as they watch their newly bonded immortal friends enjoy the spark that centuries have taken away from them, they seek to find it once more.

When immortal Gracie joins their midst, it’s impossible for Dante not to notice her fresh glow. Maria begins to struggle with deeper feelings for her friend, even as her body stirs with want. And Gracie’s pent-up passions are centered upon the two people who are closest to her—Dante and Maria.

Journeying to Central America where Dante and Maria’s love story began, the race is on to find true happiness before Gracie is torn from them by the Calling and bound to someone else. Will the compass of Gracie’s heart points her in the right direction?


The golden threads of dawn spread across the sky, weaving through the violet shadows and sparking on the distant horizon. As the first beams filtered through the glass cupola and shone upon Maria, she stirred. For half an hour, she’d been lying awake in anticipation of this event. To an ancient Mayan, worship of the sun was an important daily ritual. To royalty, it meant the difference between death and prosperity.

Although after five hundred years on earth, she no longer believed in such superstitions. Going through the motions gave her comfort. It also linked her to the strange world in which she lived as an immortal.

She slipped her legs over the side of the plush king-sized bed where her immortal mate Dante still lay sleeping, careful not to disturb him. After spending most of his life as a ship’s captain, he was a light sleeper, accustomed to bunking in swinging hammocks and prepared to leap up at the first sign of danger.

As she padded across the carpet to the metal staircase leading up to the cupola, he gave a soft moan.

Sleep, darling. Her words transmitted telepathically through their mind link, which was born from their bond.

In the dimness, she saw the crease between his dark brows ease, and a smile stretched her lips. For a long minute, she stared at him. Even in repose he was dashing—an olive-skinned Spaniard who had sailed into her life and swept her away. Her heart had belonged to him from the very first sighting, although it had taken more than seventy years for the phenomenon known as The Calling to link them as mates.

The warm glow of the sun trickled through the glass walls and fell over her. From years of habit, she looked down automatically at the immortal tattoos gracing her biceps. The inky blue lines that marked her as an immortal seemed to come to life in the sun. The jaguar images leapt and undulated. But it was just a trick of the eye, she knew. In the old days, she had once believed it to be a sign of something unexpected to come.

Quietly, she ascended the staircase. Each step drew her closer to the cupola, which was a glass-walled structure planted on the peak of the roof. When Dante had ordered this special sanctuary for her built, tears of joy had tumbled down her cheeks. Though he wasn’t Mayan and didn’t worship the way she did, he understood her customs and appreciated her need to hold onto her roots.

She reached the top and stood in a pool of light. The four glass walls revealed views of each direction on the compass—north, south, east and west. A ribbon of light sat on the horizon, brighter in the east. With a small shiver of delight, she went to kneel on a red woven rug in the center of the space and tilted her head up to the sky.

The glass ceiling gave her an unobstructed view of the sky, where one tiny star still winked down at her. A sliver of moon dangled overhead, and she couldn’t help but smile at its sight. Years ago, under such a moon, Dante had found her after her soul had Called to his. He’d stepped out of the thick jungle and swept her into his arms. She’d walked away with him, abandoning her origins, and never looked back.

But at times like these, she missed her homeland greatly. All of her people might be gone, but the ruins were there still, and she could visit them if she was so inclined. On a day like today—the start of the summer solstice—she longed for others who would celebrate with her.

Leaning forward until her nose touched the rug, she bowed to the sun god. Then straightening, she opened a small chest beside her and withdrew a handful of objects—a silver and emerald ornament to be worn around the neck of a princess, the short, colorful feather of a bird believed to have mystical powers, and a rock sliver hammered into a jagged sun shape.

One by one she dropped them into a patterned pottery bowl and whispered a word in her native tongue that meant “I’m here.”

The sun answered by surging higher into the sky, bringing heat with it. It cut through the glass and warmed her naked limbs. The jaguars on her arms danced as a dew of moisture formed on the slope of her breasts and the flat plane of her belly. Her bronzed skin turned to molten gold.

All shadow fled from the space, leaving only her and the offering of ornaments. Typically only priests were allowed to perform such ceremonies as this. In her time she had simply been the daughter of a leader, but when she was accidentally knocked out of one of the boats, her mortal life had started to slip away. Luckily, the medicine man of the village shared his immortal blood with her and resurrected her as an immortal too. After that, she’d become revered across the land and allowed to act as priestess. Her favorite rite was this: the sun ceremony.

Taking up a small blade she carried with her everywhere, she aimed the lethal point at the tip of her middle finger and nicked it. Blood welled at once. Before the droplet could run, she held it over the bowl and added her blood to the offering.

The sun lifted higher, the heat strengthening until rivulets of perspiration ran down her sides, her belly, and over her mound to wet her glossy black pubic hair. To the sun god, she gave the gifts of her precious objects, her blood and sweat. In return, she would be reborn to a new solstice.

With five centuries behind her, she couldn’t help but pray for something fresh. The tedium of day to day living was wearing on her. There didn’t seem to be anything new to explore. She and Dante had traveled the world several times over and seen all the wonders. They’d shared almost every experience known to man, and she couldn’t help but long for a spark of their old passion. The passion they’d shared when he’d walked out of the jungle, cupped his hands under her ass and taken her against a tree while delivering scalding kisses and sharing their blood, binding them forever.

Let this dawn start anew.

In the ring of hot sun, she glided to her feet and lifted her arms to the sides, hoping the sun god or any other spiritual guide out there might hear her plea. That she and Dante might find a new adventure to embark upon.

Buy Encompassed:

Em Petrova

~where words mean so much more~

Blown Down:

Skin Truth:




Tattoo Dream:


The Tempest:







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Bound for Romance:

My Sexy Valentine:

Isolde’s Wish:

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My Road to Publication, by Cassandra Carr

One question I get asked a lot is, “How did you come to be published?”. Everyone has a different road, and I was extraordinarily lucky that mine wasn’t as long as some others’ have been. I started writing seriously in 2008. I wrote a contemporary romance titled Should’ve Known Better and started shopping it to agents and editors. I attended a conference in Connecticut (CT Fiction Fest – highly recommended) and met some more agents and editors, some of whom expressed interest in my novel.

After a while, though, as a writer you need to move on. So while I continued to shop Should’ve Known Better, I began another book. This one was started in July 2009 and was an erotic romance. I titled it Talk to Me, and that’s the book that I eventually sold as my debut novel. I actually wrote much of the first draft over a three-day writing retreat in early August 2009. I went back to CT Fiction Fest in April 2010, but still wasn’t ready to submit Talk to Me, so I pitched Should’ve Known Better then too. I got some more interest, and I continued to work on Talk to Me.

A writer friend of mine, Miranda Baker (hi Miranda!) read Talk to Me and suggested some fairly major changes. I pored over the changes in my mind for a little while and made those I felt comfortable with. In late September 2010 I submitted Talk to Me to a couple of publishers. I also continued to query agents.

In October 2010 Loose Id contacted me, asking for my full manuscript. I sent it, and in early November Loose Id contacted me again, offering me a contract. I jumped up and down and hyperventilated, and then told Loose Id I had to let the other publishers know about my contract. This is accepted and even expected in the publishing world, and they were fine with it. In the end, I stayed with Loose Id, and Talk to Me was released on March 22, 2011.

I never did statistics about how many agents and editors I sent the manuscript to – there are only a few that are important to know , most notably Loose Id, who bought the book.

What questions do you have about the process of getting published? Ask them below and I’ll do the best I can to answer them!

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Passport To Passion Collection

One night in Bangkok is all it takes to turn Beth Martin's plans upside down. After being betrayed by her fiance the last thing she needs is another man screwing up her life. But Tom is different. He makes her feel sensations long forgotten, makes her want in ways best left unspoken. Can she live out her wildest fantasies in one decadent night? And when it's over, can she walk away?


Tall, dark and handsome didn't begin to describe this man. His dark, slightly tipped eyes gave away his mixed heritage. He'd told her earlier his mother was Thai and his father American. The combination of the two produced a breathtaking specimen of height, lean muscle, smooth caramel-colored skin and eyes that reminded her of rich espresso coffee.
When Beth brought her gaze to his face she found him watching her. The corner of his mouth curled up and those mesmerizing eyes sparked with interest. He stepped back and motioned with his arm to invite her in. Her earlier anxiety left the second she'd laid eyes on him. She remembered why it had been so easy to accept this invitation.
She wanted him.
Wanted him with a hunger she'd never known before and there was no way she would pass up her chance to tangle the sheets with this man. It didn’t matter if he was five years younger than her. This wasn't the beginning of a relationship. It was one night to indulge her wildest fantasies with a stranger. Someone she'd never see again.
Their bodies brushed as she entered and pulsing fingers of need burst from the point of contact. Heat swirled in her stomach, creeping lower. She had an almost undeniable urge to clamp her legs together at the sudden burn. A drum beat pounded in her head, drowning out all but the need raging in her blood. The click of the door closing behind her sent shivers of excitement through her core.
This was it.
In a matter of minutes she'd be stripped bare and offering herself to him. She trembled as images of the two of them entwined together flitted through her mind. A knock on the door jolted her out of her erotic thoughts.
"Ah, perfect timing. That'll be our dinner." Tom opened the door and stepped aside as a uniformed employee rolled in a trolley.
"Dinner?" She moved out of the way to let the server pass and Tom closed the distance between them, crowding her against the wall.
"Yes, dinner," he whispered into her ear.
"But I thought-"
"What? That I would strip you naked and take you against this wall the minute you walked in?" His warm, moist breath sent shockwaves of lust down her neck. He bit her earlobe lightly. "Make no mistake, Beth, I will have you. But I'm a civilized man. I invited you to dinner and I will feed you dinner."

Carly Simmons has lusted after her boss for six months. Throwing caution to the wind while on a business trip in Singapore, she suggests a fling. When Saxon takes her up on her offer, Carly gets far more than the conservative businessman she's expecting.
Saxon Grant is definitely up for a weekend of red-hot sex, but once he gets his hands on Carly he knows a couple of days will never be enough. Months of wanting her explode into a weekend of tangled sheets and twisted emotions.
And after one wild weekend, these two hearts will never be the same.


Saxon plucked the drink from her hand, slapped the almost-empty glass down next to his before he wrapped his hand around her arm and hauled her to her feet. He took money from his pocket and dropped it on the table. There was too much but someone would get a generous tip because he didn’t plan on hanging around to count out the right amount or wait for change. Carly sputtered a protest, a minuscule little squeak that told him all he needed to know about her willingness to go with him.
Leaving the bar, he led her through the middle courtyard of the hotel to the elevator. She fought to keep up with his long strides and by the time his finger stabbed the up button her breathing was labored. Due to arousal or their sprint across the paved area? He couldn’t be sure, but his own breathing was shallow and rasped in his ears. Heated blood pumped through his veins and filled his cock. If she felt a tenth of the lust he did, it would be enough.
The doors swished open and he pushed Carly in ahead of him. He pressed the button for their floor. When the doors closed, he spun around and pinned her to the back wall. Wedging his leg between hers, he ground his thigh on her crotch. Heat scorched his skin through the layers of clothing. She was on fire. He pressed harder, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her beautiful mouth. The invitation was clear and he took it.
Slamming his mouth to hers, he sucked her bottom lip between his teeth and bit into the tender flesh. Her gasp of surprise allowed him access to the dark warmth his tongue sought to claim. All the months of holding back, waiting to take her, exploded into the kiss. He dominated, ravished and took without apology. Every corner, every recess became his. Her flavor was like a drug, the more he tasted the more he wanted.
His cock pulsed and he pumped his hips, pushing the throbbing organ against her supple belly. With the fingers of one hand tangled in her hair, he held her midnight tresses tight to keep her mouth under his. His other hand molded itself to her breast, her nipple prodding his palm. Drawing his hand back, he dragged his fingers over the mound until they caught on the bud. Using the padded tips, he tugged and pinched until the peak turned rock hard.
She moaned into his mouth and thrust her tongue against his while grinding her pussy on his thigh. He raised his leg, forcing her onto her toes, and felt her body quiver with her building orgasm. The ding of the elevator barely registered but the gasp of the elderly couple waiting when the doors opened did.
Saxon jerked away and Carly slid down onto the soles of her feet and kept going. His arm shot out and wrapped around her waist. Holding her to his side, he walked them out onto their floor. On wobbly legs, she tottered beside him. Quickening his steps, he marched them down the hall. His blood boiled, every vein filled to overflowing and his cock had never been so stiff. They'd never make the bed. He'd take her the second they got inside the room.

Available here -

Both books are available together in print.

Santa Baby, Several Stars Away ~ Now Available


~ A Short Shapeshifter Erotic Romance for Christmas ~

Consumed by curiosity, Kaily gives herself to a mystery man for Christmas.

Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree?

Excerpt ~

Chapter One:

Santa Baby, Waitin' Just for You

Rarely reckless, Kaily flung off the negligee she'd first thought to wear. It landed in a red ephemeral heap beside the tastefully trimmed Christmas tree.

So what if she'd just broken into his house...well, she hadn't exactly broken in...more like she spied on him until she found out where he hid the extra key...lodged in a crack of the frame above the door of the Victorian mansion he'd resurrected from certain crumbling death, and now obviously treasured.

There was only one thing Kaily could see amiss in the traditional holiday atmosphere he'd created with the help of the town's local historical club -- a garish red ribbon. The long sash had a simple bow attached to one end, and practically shone despite the low lighting.

Kaily stared at the unexpected invitation.

Certainly, the river of red ribbon didn't belong on the floor as a decoration, and she couldn't see anywhere else it belonged...except wrapped around her.

Since she was giving herself to him as a gift for Christmas...well, why not?

Wildly inspired, Kaily plucked up what looked to be about three yards of ribbon. After strategically emphasizing her full breasts, she arranged it around her naked body. Naked that is, except for her gold ankle bracelet, her 'I want to seduce you earrings'...and a whimsical pair of faux-fur trimmed santa boots.

Heck, Kaily reasoned, if he was gay he might just chuckle a ho-ho-ho, and turn it all into big ole joke...and she'd turn her bare tail, and escape as quick as possible. If he wasn't gay, but didn't want to take what she was offering, Kaily hoped he would have a holly jolly laugh at her expense as he politely showed her to the door.

It was all too true, her curiosity raged out of control even causing her sleepless nights. The object of her desire had sauntered into Kaily's small town last December. He'd paid cash on the spot for the dilapidated but proud old Victorian mansion, according to Becky Starks the one realtor.

With a vengeance, and despite the winter weather, Sexy Strange Man as she'd thought of him then had set about restoring the mansion. He'd also made certain to gain the good will of everyone in town...well, almost everyone.

Nessie Jones, the town's librarian, didn't like Dylan. Of course, Nessie didn't like anyone anyway, for whatever reason she could find. The love of her life was books and a mystery man she claimed to be married to that no one ever saw.

Behind Dylan's back, Nessie always curled her lip and wrinkled her nose, as if his deodorant had failed in its job...which might be case, since he always smelled smoky and impossibly virile to Kaily.

Even though she did try to avoid him, because of her obsession with knowing more about him why make herself look like a prize-trussed fool in front of everyone by groping him with questions still, they were always running into each other, and Kaily always became turned-on, and positively inebriated by his scent.

Okay yes, Kaily admitted, now she did look good and trussed up, the way the length of red ribbon wound around her body. At least, by what she could see. There was a slice of her reflection in the tall narrow mirror near the fireplace mantle.

With the bow dangling from one hand, Kaily wondered if she should position it over her well-furred pussy not completely covered by the ribbon. Or maybe, the large showy bow should nestle between the swells of her breasts...or be placed like a centerpiece above her ample-enough cleavage.

"Ooooh...Santa baby, waitin' just for you," she crooned like the song, then pursed her lips in an attempt to look sexy.


Kaily has been consumed by curiosity ever since Dylan suddenly appears in her small town. Surreptitiously, she watches the mystery man restore a rundown Victorian mansion, all while his charm and sincerity gain him the good will of most everyone. This is especially true when he volunteers to become the annual Santa Claus for the children at the town's park.

The problem for Kaily: No one really knows anything about Dylan's past or where he came from. With her attraction to him growing day by day, she becomes a driven woman. On a desperate whim, she gives herself to him as a Christmas present. Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree?


Now Available for 99 cents at ~




Have the merriest of holidays!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

New Release - WHC: Stripping Christmas by Zenobia Renquist

Out Now!!

Stripping Christmas
White Hot Christmas (multi-author series)
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-716-1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Fey/Elves, Interracial, Magic, Christmas
Price: $2.99/US

Alex is firmly on the naughty list, and she wants Santa to join her.

Alex thought she was going to a job. Instead she ends up marrying the heir to the title of Santa Claus. The vows have been said and cannot be taken back, even if Alex isn't the ideal bride Kris was hoping for to re-energize the powers of the House of Kringle. But Alex is about to teach him that being a little naughty -- or a lot -- can go a long way.

Buy Now:

Full first chapter available online at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters blog on 20 December 2011.

Purchase this title and/or any of the other White Hot Christmas titles and you are entered to win Free eBooks for a Year from Changeling Press. Each purchase of a White Hot Christmas title is an entry. Contest ends 31 December. Full details available HERE.


Alex wasn’t going to get anywhere arguing about the marriage thing. She tried a different tactic. “What website?”
Kris walked over to a large desk. Alex followed him. Kris pulled up the website in question and gestured to it. “It seemed the perfect place to find my bride after searching this past year to no avail.”
Alex rolled her eyes at the title of the site -- Finding Your Perfect Mrs. Claus. It was her boss’s idea of getting into the holiday spirit. She said, “Show me what you clicked on to get to me.”
The page had two buttons -- one said Naughty and the other said Nice. Naughty referred to strippers who did full nudity, while Nice referred to strippers who went down to a string bikini.
Kris clicked the Nice button, which led to a page of pictures. Alex’s picture was the last on the page. Kris said, “I looked through all of the girls and found you the most desirable as my wife.” He clicked on her picture and loaded a page featuring stats about Alex -- age, height, weight, likes, etc -- and a vid of Alex wearing a Mrs. Claus ball gown while handing out presents to a room full of happy men.
Gesturing to the vid, Kris said, “You are a bringer of joy. Looking at this video confirmed you would be my perfect wife. I paid the dowry and here you are.”
Alex snorted. “Dowry, huh?” He had to mean the private party fee to have her strip on location.
“It was a small sum, but I paid it gladly.”
“Did you click on the button that says more?” She pointed to the bottom right of the screen.
Kris clicked the button. Another page loaded, showing the second half of the vid that had started on the previous page. It showed Alex ripping open her Mrs. Claus breakaway dress to the hooting and hollering of the men who had just gotten her presents. She danced on and around a pole while men stuffed money down her bra and panties.
Alex watched as Kris turned pale and his ears drooped until they were almost folded in half. His look of horror returned.
“What… what are you doing? This is naughty. This is extremely naughty. No wife of the House of Kringle should do such things as this.”
“Next time click the more button,” Alex said with a shrug. “Look, Kris. It’s no big if you don’t want me here. I’ll talk to my boss and get your money back. We can chalk this up to a fun mistake and go about our lives. Just tell Noël to bring the car around and take me home.”
“You cannot go home.”

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance
Caveat Emptor Series - Follow three couples as they struggle with love during a vampire-mage war.

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SJD Peterson~*~It's all in the touch: Nice & Naughty ~ Laura Tolomei

SJD Peterson~*~It's all in the touch: Nice & Naughty ~ Laura Tolomei: The pirate v/s the devil: how far can seduction go? All right, so he did it! Marin seduced me. And the sex is fantastic, blows my mind ev...

That Leftover Turkey...

Merry Christmas!

As with every year, I’m so over eating ever again after the Christmas dinner is devoured. Food is very low on the priority list for any of us and we take to eating light for about 5 days after the holidays.  And since my oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, we try to do some lower carbs and such to make up for the extras he had over the holidays.  Plus having any leftover turkey staring at me when I look in the fridge the day after isn’t something I look forward to so I will use it in stews, sandwiches, freeze for another meal later on. But the kids always ask for their Turkey Quesadillas.

Here is our very easy, light quesadilla recipe that you might like to take care of that leftover turkey.




  • 1 cup whole-berry cranberry sauce
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons chopped green onions
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 Anjou pear, cored and finely diced
  • 3 sweet peppers – red, orange, yellow – diced


  • Cooking spray
  • 1/4 cup (2-inch-thick) slices green onions
  • 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheese  (light is what we use)
  • 8 (8-inch) flour tortillas
  • 2 cups chopped cooked turkey
  • 1/2 cup fat-free sour cream


1.     To prepare salsa, combine first 7 ingredients. Cover and chill.
2.    To prepare quesadillas, heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add 1/4 cup sliced onions to pan; sauté 3 minutes or until tender. Remove onions from pan; reduce heat to medium. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons cheese over each of 4 tortillas. Top each cheese-covered tortilla with one-fourth of onions, 1/2 cup turkey, 2 tablespoons cheese, and 1 tortilla.
3.    Recoat pan with cooking spray. Add 1 quesadilla to pan; cook 2 minutes on each side or until lightly browned and cheese melts. Repeat with remaining quesadillas. Cut each quesadilla into 6 wedges. Serve with cranberry salsa and sour cream.

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A Shared Passion

One of my favorite things about ow/ym stories is that their connections have to be strong to overcome the reservations about the relationship. Whether it’s a shared career, hobby, or circumstance…fate brought them together and hopefully they are smart enough to hold on to each other.

 Also the man has to be strong enough to be with a woman who possesses more life experience. If he wants the relationship to be more than a fling, he has to be one determined guy--at least with my heroines. In this story, not only is he intent on his Broadway career, but his leading lady.

In my latest ow/ym (or cougar if you prefer, but this heroine is not on the prowl…she’s being pursued vigorously) the couple has known each other for over a year. They’ve worked together on stage for almost every day of that time. They must have chemistry but where does acting end and reality begin? For the hero, there are no questions but the heroine is all about avoiding their fate.

 Opening Night is a very short story of 5k but to me, that’s all this couple needed. That turning point where one goes from denial to acceptance of true love and embracing the right man…even if it’ll be a bit of a challenge.

A heated one-night stand a year ago doesn’t stop Barb from starring on Broadway with Drew, a hot young hunk. Their new play is a hit, and Drew is out to prove there’s more to their relationship than that one fling. Locking them in a dressing room, he ties her up and uses sex to reveal the truth of her feelings—which is exactly what she needs from him. He might be young, but he proves he’s the strong partner she needs to free her from the mask she wears every day.

And if you want more ow/ym...check out 9 1/2 Years;)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

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Merry Christmas!

I can't believe how close it is. I'm sure yesterday was June. *grin* Our tree is up and I can report that quite a few of those presents are MINE!
I can also report that since this was taken the pile has doubled! Christmas always stresses me out. There's list after list of what to get, what we've got, where we need to be....... It's never ending and I always wake up thinking why can't it be January already? But then the big day arrives and we drag the kids out of bed, hey, what can I say? They're teenagers, they don't surface before noon if it's not a school day. *grin* And then the real fun begins. There's wrapping paper spread from one end of our room to the other and this room is 7m x 7m. It's huge! I'm sure we keep the recycle plant in business for the next two months after all our gifts are unwrapped. But that's not the end of it. We then head over to the in-laws for more pressies, copious amounts of food and drink plus some serious merriment with relatives we are lucky to see once a year. We drag our asses home late and fall into bed only to get up the next day and do it all over again at my dad's house. More pressies, food and drink......
The funny thing is I get to the end of the third day of this and we finally have no more 'visiting' to do and I wish we could do it all again. I honestly think the whole panic-riddled month of December is worth it just for those three manic days of Christmas joy. Of course once we're done I have to get organized for our trip away. Every year we pack up and head south to our holiday van. It looks like this -
Man, I can't wait to sit by the water and read or write depending on my mood. Or maybe take a dip. It's summer holidays here in Oz. The kids are off school for 6 weeks and that means sleep-ins! Of course it also means I'll be subjected to the usual "I'm bored" & "There's nothing to do" cries but I've never let those bother me. I just point to the broom or the dirty dishes and offer them something to do. lol I know it's winter in half the world and you don't get to bask in the glorious summer sunshine, but what are you're plans this holiday season?

Rhian Cahill

Latest Release:-
Available here -

Claire Jones never dreamed the fantasies she'd been having about the young guy next door would ever become reality but after a push from her best friend and one encounter involving dirty laundry she's getting more reality than one woman should be allowed. But with reality comes emotion and Claire finds herself falling deeper and deeper under Ryan's spell.
Ryan Doherty wants in Claire's pants but he soon discovers hot sex isn't all he's after. She makes him happy in a way nothing and no one else ever has and if he has to use their amazing chemistry to stay in her life he will. Because having more of Claire isn't an option. It's the only choice.
Can Ryan and Claire bridge the age gap to find the love of a life time or will what others think destroy the best thing either of them has ever found?

He pushed his chair back and patted his knee. "Come over here."
Claire stood and took a shaky step toward Ryan. She reached his side, her eyes drawn to the erection clearly visible in his lap. Warmth swirled in her stomach. Her breasts grew heavy, and her pussy clenched. The need to strip them both and ride him until neither of them could remember where they were sucked the breath from her lungs. Her mouth dry, she licked her bottom lip. Ryan's groaned, and she brought her gaze up to meet his.
Raw lust slammed into her. The man had a way of looking at her. Need and desire blasted out to stab through her. He growled as he wrapped his hands over her hips and pulled her closer.
"What have you got on under this dress?" He gripped the fabric and started to inch it up her legs. "You know it doesn't matter, 'cause whatever it is you won't be wearing it for long."
Cool air flowed over her heated skin as the hem moved higher and higher. When his fingers touched flesh Claire's legs trembled. How could he have her so excited without really touching her? She sucked in a breath when the evening air coated her damp panties. A shiver raced up her spine.
Ryan raised her skirt over her hips. "Hold it for me."
His command sent another tremor shaking through her, and she did as he asked.
"Dear God." He traced his fingertips around the waist of her silky underwear. "Is this what I think it is ?"
Claire couldn't speak, could only nod as his hands followed the material to her ass and dipped between her cheeks. Suddenly his hands were gone and a groan of protest left her throat.
"Drop the dress."
She let go.
"No. I mean lose it. No wait" He pushed his chair farther back and grabbed her wrist. "Stand in front of me."
He tugged her into position. His hands smoothed over her hips until he held her still.
"I want you to do something for me. You can say no and I won't mind but . . ." He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing. "I want you to turn around and place your hands on the table, Claire. I want to push up your skirt so I can see your beautiful ass right there in front of my face. Will you do it?"
His words conjured an image in her mind. Her pulse sped up, and her breathing turned ragged. Her whole body tightened and moisture flooded her already drenched thong. She didn't answer. Couldn't answer. Instead she reached for the hem of her light summer dress and lifted. Slowly she dragged the cotton over her sensitive torso, her hard nipples snagging at the fabric as she raised it over her head. Ryan's hands skimmed up her stomach until he cupped her bare breasts in his palms. A shuddered racked her as all air fled her lungs.
Goose bumps broke out as he grazed his fingertips from her ribs to her hips. He grasped her ass in his hands and squeezed.
"Turn around," he urged in a strangled voice.
Every muscle taut with anticipation, Claire turned.
"Lean forward. Brace your hands on the table." He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down.
Bending over, Claire blushed at the thought of what Ryan would be able to see, but the choked groan and growled words soon morphed embarrassment into arousal.
"You're too gorgeous for words."
Ryan smoothed his hands across her curves. No part of her back, legs or ass went untouched. Trailers of tingles followed his caress, snaking out until they covered her whole body. Her limbs shook, and Clair gripped the table edge so her knuckles were white. He pushed his foot between hers and shoved her legs apart.
"Spread your legs wider."
Claire's knees wobbled, but she slid her feet outward. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, his fingertips barely brushing the soaked material her position had pushed firmly between her legs.
"You're so wet, Claire." He swept his fingers along her exposed cleft.
Her pussy clenched hard, and moisture flooded her sex. Claire couldn't stop the moan from breaking free.
"You like that, Claire? Like that I have you on display? Like it when I tell you your cunt is wet for me?"
Claire shuddered at his words. The quake vibrated through her until she thought she might collapse in a puddle of want at his feet.
"Oh, Claire I do believe we've found something that really gets you off." He leaned over her, his clothed chest resting along her back. "Want me to tell you what I'm gonna do to you?" He nipped her ear.
"Ryan." His name spilled from her lips on a plea.
He licked the shell of her ear, his breath hot on her skin. "I'm going to play with you, Claire. I'm going to use my fingers, my tongue, teeth, and I'm going to drive you wild until you scream for me."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays from N.J. Walters

Happy Holidays to you all from N.J. Walters!

The holidays are less than two weeks away! I can't believe how fast this month is slipping away. If you're looking for a quick, easy holiday recipe, this is the one for you.

Five Minute Fudge

2/3 cup of Carnation milk
1 2/3 cups of sugar

--Bring to boil and boil for five minutes, stirring constantly to avoid burning. Remove from heat.


1 ½ cups of chocolate chips (I use dark chocolate)
1 ½ cups of mini white marshmallows
1 tsp of vanilla flavoring

Stir until smooth and pour into greased 8 X 8 inch pan.

Cool and cut into squares.

If you're finished your baking and are in the mood for a holiday read, why don't you check out The Gift of Shayla from Carina Press.


One night to indulge their wildest desires...

Adam Lancaster has been in love with Rob McKeith—and attracted to Rob's wife, Shayla—for years, but he fears their friendship would be over if they knew the truth. So he's thrilled when his secret fantasy becomes reality and the couple offers him a very special gift: a sensual Christmas Eve in their bedroom...

Or you could check out Jessamyn's Christmas Gift from Ellora's Cave.


It's Christmas Eve and Jessamyn Parker waits by the fireside in her boyfriend's house. She expects him home any minute after being away for three months on business. Clad only in a slinky teddy and sprawled beneath the Christmas tree, she plans to surprise him. But instead of her boyfriend, a complete stranger surprises her.

Caleb Morgan is the new sheriff, and unbeknownst to her, he is also the new owner of the house. Jessamyn flees back to her own home, determined to forget not only her boyfriend's betrayal, but also the heated desire that Caleb has sparked within her.

While Jessamyn is shocked by his appearance, Caleb is enthralled by her. But Jessamyn has had more than enough of men. Now, one year later, it's Christmas time again, and Jessamyn is still swearing off men. But Caleb has other ideas. The only thing he wants for Christmas is the same thing he wanted last year and didn't quite get — Jessamyn Parker under his tree.

N.J. has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Embrace the Heat with Good, Bad and Kinky

Time to heat things up with a sweetly naughty and wickedly nice ebook!

Call Me Lucifer and My Angel, both paranormal erotic romances with bondage and D/s, have been brought together and released as Good, Bad and Kinky [2 in 1].

Whether in Heaven, Hell or on Earth, everyone wants to be loved, and some enjoy kinky twists added in.

Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, works hard handing out fitting punishments, but he’s ready for a change.   Nia Adams is a sexy petite firebrand and his girlfriend.  They are in love, but she lies to him about how she feels.  While difficult to hear, the lie opens a door to their having a future together, but first she must go to Hell.

Ann Miller was murdered as a toddler and ended up in Heaven.  She’s happy with her existence, but everything changes once she earns her Guardian Angel wings.  With them fluttering happily around her, she discovers what being in love feels like and wants more.  Ann is given the chance to really live, but there are conditions attached and they aren’t simple.

"...I do hope you read them both. They're sweet and sinful at the same time - a delightful combination."  Reviewed by Chrissy, 5 Ribbons, Romance Junkies

There are a couple of blogs here on Torrid Temptations about these two delightful reads that offer a few fun tidbits about them.

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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For the Holiday Season

Don't Miss Five Rings by Destiny Blaine

An Epic Ariana 2011 Category Winner

Five Rings won an Epic Ariana 2011 Award for Best eBook Cover Art in the Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance category. This beautiful cover was created by cover artist, Martine Jardin

Members of Jason Lory's original pride coalition warned of the shifter-mates remaining. Some were thought to be man-eaters. Others, the nomads, were considered very volatile and unable to shift successfully without the stimulation of five rings, only no one knew with absolute certainty what these rings were or where to find them. Jason Lory figured out the mystery.

Available now for $3.99Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The following quotes are from Five Rings by Destiny Blaine. They are character quotes from a novella about a beautiful young woman with a very twisted mind.

“When the average man shops for a ring, he isn’t thinking of the gold band in the metaphorical sense.
He sees the symbolical meaning and finally understands.
While there are some things money can’t buy, love is not one of them…”
--Jason Lory

“Every nymphomaniac hopes good sex will find her
And then transform her into the goddess she already believes lives within…”
--Simon Warner

“A soldier leaves for war and hopes the hard battle ahead will not take his life.
A woman with multiple personalities leaves for an institution and hopes a life of confinement will not break her spirit…"
-- Jordan St. Johns

“She was like the current dragging back and forth under the wide open sea…”
--Michael Mahoney.

“She was a victim placed at circumstance’s door.
A woman who held her head high as she searched for pride.
She was there for a reason, for a purpose larger than anyone understood.
So they acted as men and did what anyone else would in their position.
They made her crazy… and they made the diagnosis stick.
Then, they brought her forward and loved her…”
--Fran Conway

Five Rings by Destiny Blaine is a holiday EROTICA story. Please note, while there are romantic elements, this is not a Christmas story for readers of sweet romance. Five Rings is a provocative tale with an underlying twist and for those readers who are fond of paranormal short stories with mysterious elements. Available now at eXtasy Books and a perfect choice for a holiday paranormal short story.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Jingle Bell Hop

Holiday romance flashes, holiday eye candy, prizes galore... how about a Kindle Fire, want to win one?

Have a magickal holiday season!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Book Gifting - Long or Short?

I like reading holiday stories this time of year, but if I'm going to give gifts or get them, books aren't my first choice. I'd rather the gift cards so I can choose what I want on a whim. My 'to be read' list changes from day to day, and I often want something for instant gratification, something short and hot that I can read like watching a TV show. I probably have over a thousand books on my shelves most I've read some I just haven't quite gotten into the mood for. More Than a Stud is a perfect example of a short romantic read. 11,000 words you can read at one or two sittings and appreciate a satisfactory sexy romance between two people who had a good relationship as friends and coworkers. 

If I want something almost epic that will keep me up at night and dragging my book or Kindle with me everywhere, I'd choose Across a Crowded Room. It's a full length saga about a love that spans two decades -- the the family and friends, the heartbreak and intrigue that pursue the two main characters. This is written under my pseudonym Elizabeth Marchat.

If you're a paranormal fan try one of my Enchanted Mountain books. The location in Arctic, CO is a fictional place where all sorts of beings can meet and discover themselves. The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf is about three shape shifters destined for one another. The following book, a stand alone, The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic is also a full length novel you can hunker down with about shape shifters.  For a complete list of my books and a general description of each visit my blog. Eliza March Writes ... On Mondays I usually provide a few heart stopping guys to start your week off on a positive note. 

Explore and subscribe. Have a wonderful holiday season. Stay warm and safe. 

Best  wishes ... Eliza