Monday, February 6, 2012

Werebunnies Gone Wild

Werebunnies Gone Wild by Stephanie Beck

Some things in life ooze sweet, soft funness…like bunnies. Not rabbits, rabbits can be badass (Roger Rabbit, anyone?).
Bunnies, however are sweet and make me think of cozy blankies
and itty bitty twitching noses.

Yeah, werebunnies aren’t like that.

Sex-crazed with a collective one track mind, werebunnies demand one thing: pleasure. The cost
doesn’t matter, the consequences are inconsequential and in a pinch they turn to cupcakes and porn—and not the cheap kinds, either.
The werebunny world turns only for the werebunnies. The men who happen to enter into their orbit tend to be ones whose appetites lend them to jumping right in to the often naked fray.
No happily ever after is required for the werebunnies. Their plans already include being happy and the world is full of men, so attachments simply don’t happen.
The men who happen to cuddle up to the werebunnies are expendable. They bring their hard cocks and willing mouths to the party, but whether they make it any further is up to the
werebunnies…who simply don’t care what happen to the guys after they’ve served their purpose.
Get to know the werebunnies of the F*ck Like Bunnies series.
Bunny Club:
When rumors about a sex club lead them to the real thing, Jarrod and his cousin Alex think
they’ve found nirvana. Filled with bubbly blondes and luscious brunettes, the Bunny Club is any man’s wet dream. Surrounded by their sexual fantasies, they settle in for an unbelievable night filled with women, sex and pleasure unlike anything they’ve ever dreamed. When the sex turns weird and men start dying at the hands of the gorgeous women, Jarrod’s and Alex’s plans to get laid are put on the back burner in favor of escaping the Bunny Club with their lives—if they don’t die with smiles on their faces first.
Air Bunnies: Second in the F*ck Like Bunnies series—wicked werebunnies worldwide!
Jake’s missed fight might cost him his job. Desperate to get to Malaysia, he follows a fellow traveler’s advice and gets a seat on Double Ear Air. An airline bent on sexy customer service, where the flight attendants offer much more than peanuts and stale pretzels—and don’t adhere to those pesky rules against the mile high club and giving head in the aisles. Just when he’s ready to make Double Ear Air his carrier of choice, Jake learns the ugly secret of just who, or rather what, the women really are. To survive to his destination, Jake will have to keep a bevy of horny, blonde werebunnies sexually satisfied or risk being a snack for a pack of ravenous succubus

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