Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kacey's RT Convention Highlights

This year, I decided to take my daughter (almost 16 y.o.) to the RT Convention in Chicago. My main focus was to promote all my releases, [Last Man Standing, Sinful and Illusions], network, visit with old friends and put faces to names of new friends.  To say that there was fun, laughter, high energy, books galore and deep discussions about WIPs is an understatement. But for me the biggest highlights were as a fan of many authors, and the joy my daughter got from meeting those authors that have touched her just as deeply as my favourites touched me with each story written.

I / We are thrilled to have finally met authors like Liia Ann White, Becca Jameson, Annmarie McKenna, Stacey Kade, James Rollins, Rick Mofina, W. Lynn Chantale, Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, Emily Cale, Lisa Fox, Lorelei James...and so many more!  All YA authors were a huge thrill for my daughter.

I was able to reconnect with authors I've met before -- Amanda McIntyre, Sahara Kelly, SL Carpenter, Mackenzie McKade, Monette Michaels, Bonnie Dee, Tina Burns -- always great to see them all!

Along with those mentioned above there were many HUGE highlights. And by HUGE I mean, authors who are like rock stars to me LOL  My hands shook as I met -- and got to enjoy great conversation with...

With Cherry Adair

Cherry Adair ... one of my all-time fave authors who just weaves me into her stories and never lets go. I read my first Adair title, The Mercenary, probably when I was about 19 (Harlequin Temptation), and all these years later (no I won't tell you exactly LOL), she's (her stories are) still like an addiction.

with Francine Pascal
And do you remember the Sweet Valley High series? Francine Pascal?  Those Wakefield Twins were like a bad rash. They drove me crazy but I couldn't stop reading about them! For years, until I found Brockmann & Roberts, they were all I read.  So to meet Francine Pascal last week was AMAZING!!!  I think I even squealed like a teenager at a rock concert and my daughter laughed her fool head off. But, well worth it, to stand beside THE author that really got me into reading. Thank you, Mrs. Pascal!!!  And what a gentle soul she is. Soft spoken and kind, I was in awe!

with Sue Grafton
I always found the alphabet extremely boring. Until Sue Grafton's series of course! Another author who wows me with her suspense titles and hooks me with every written word. From A to U (I haven't read V yet), has been amazing and each one is fresh and makes me eager for the next. Not sure what I'll do when Z is done! 

with Sara Brookes

Someone whom I've worked closely with in my 'alter-ego', admire a lot and who is incredibly smart, funny, quirky and all-around geek girl. Sara Brookes...whose sci-fi titles are about the only ones of the genre I read. Simply incredible and who made me see the sci-fi genre differently. She writes some awesome stories in other genres too!!!

with Vivian Arend

Cowboys are one of my favourite topics to read about, did anyone know that? Mmm, might have kept it a secret, but some of my favourite cowboys are from Vivian Arend's Six Pack Ranch. Sexy, strong, smokin' hot, tantalizing, real men who have hearts of gold...make for some exhilarating reads. Meeting her was one of the first things I set out to do and was a goal accomplished, and cherished!

I have a gazillion books to read now, not like the TBR pile was lacking, but these were just the highlights I had to share. If you've never been to an RT Convention, I highly recommend it. But be sure to get plenty of rest's a very active, energizing week. I'm still trying to recoup!!!

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