Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet Finless! Explicit Content

Today in the TRS Blog, I introduce you to my latest release, Finless! Finless is an intense journey into the lives of three people rejecting love, and how they overcome the obstacles to embrace intimacy. Finless contains explicit scenes of sexuality and BDSM play. Finless could be described as Black Swan meets Fifty Shades of Grey. I hope you enjoy this snippet:

"I am a true Master, a Dominant worthy of anyone’s submission. Nathaniel felt satisfying
conceit returning to his veins. He deserved the gifts of Sarah, of Lily, - of anyone he chose. Little
by little, he stitched his arrogance back into place around his heart and muffled any sincerity or
longing for the moment. Like an annoying mosquito, he knew his conscience would return soon,
so he needed to take advantage of this emotional reprieve. Sarah would deservedly receive the
full brunt of his dilemma.

Sarah arrived at his office, six-fifteen on the spot. She rapped lightly on his door and he
opened it immediately. He gruffly pulled her inside, shut the door, and then locked it with almost
one smooth motion. She looked up at him with smoldering eyes and licked her lips. He shoved
her down by the top of her head in front of him and unzipped his trousers.

He was wearing nothing underneath and his rock hard endowment pushed free of the trouser
fabric, almost smacking Sarah in the face. His trousers fell to the floor. She greedily took
Nathaniel into her mouth and sucked fast and hard. She took him deeply into her throat, gagging
softly from the force. Sarah was so turned on by blowing Nathaniel that she impulsively brought
one hand under her own skirt and touched herself between the legs. As soon as he saw her do
this, he pulled her back to a standing position. “That’s my job!” he informed her brusquely.

He stepped away and ordered her to undress. Sarah did not take her time and quickly shed
every stitch of clothing. Nathaniel wanted to taste her sweetness and pushed her against the door
and spread her legs. As she stood, he lowered himself to his knees and thrust his tongue onto her
waiting clit. He moved his tongue languorously against the heat between her legs. She came
quickly and her knees almost buckled in response.

He stood up and pushed her down to all fours and mounted her from behind. Without
hesitation, he thrust his cock deep inside and moved with lightning speed in and out. The thought
of Lily invaded his mind once again and in rebellion, he quickly filled Sarah with his release.
By six-thirty-five, they were finished, spent and panting from the fervency of their meeting.
Nathaniel dressed quickly and moved to the couch away from Sarah. He sat staring idly into
space for a few moments before Sarah spoke, “welcome home Master.”

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