Monday, April 9, 2012

Who's going to the Romantic Times Convention?

I'm already here at the hotel. The place is slowly coming to life as all the attendees start arriving. Yesterday there were only a couple of people in the bar, today the place is half full. More and more tweets are showing up with comments about the weather and where to meet up. Chicago has put on some gorgeous sunshine but unfortunately the wind has kept the temp cold enough for gloves and scarves.

These first few days are a slow wind-up to Wednesday when it all officially begins. Promo is being unpacked and sorted. Rooms are being stocked with drink and food. And of course, there are always drinks to be had. :)

By the time the week really gets going it'll be a mad rush to meet up with everyone we've said we will. And by the end of the week when bags are being packed and planes are being boarded we'll have missed out on seeing  a number of people but we'll be more than satisfied with everything we've manage to fit in and we'll be hanging out for next year's event.

If you're heading this way make sure to come say hi. I'll be at the Expo signing and the Giant Bookfair but don't be shy, stop me in the hall. I'm always ready for a chat.

Rhian Cahill

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