Monday, May 21, 2012

An Erotic Blurb... with a Fairytale twist!

With the release of my latest Erotic Romantic Suspense, Satisfying The Curse, I thought it would  be fun to talk about curses. As I was rummaging through the web, I realized the one place where you can usually find a curse is in a Fairytale: Sleeping Beauty and the spinning wheel, Beauty and the Beast, Fiona the beautiful Ogre... the list goes on. So,I decided to have a bit of fun with my blurb for Satisfying The Curse and give it a little fairytale twist. After all, writing is my passion and if you can’t have fun with one of the things you love, then why do it? Here goes...

Satisfying The Curse

Juliana Pratt doesn't have a wicked stepmother, but her evil father has hidden her away from his elite society just the same. Juliana is cursed to be a wanton just like her run-away- with-a-lover mother. So, when the wicked Daddy Pritchard is arrested for murder, Juliana is Enchanted. Coming out of the shadows, she enters into the real world to assist her heartless father. But, before Juliana goes on her two-week tour of lies for the evil Daddy Pritchard, she must first take care of her sexually driven curse.
The curse forces her to act upon her sinful urges and when it encounters Agent T. Ryker's lethal and potent body, she's not sure if he's a Prince, an Ogre, or a Beast! But after having just one little nibble of his tempting but poisonous apple, Juliana is in need of his sexual antidote.
Using irresistible erotic magic, Agent T. Ryker offers to cure Juliana's curse, but the Ogre secretly has other plans for his Little Mermaid. That is until he discovers that she's really a princess, and her father's the king of Evil!
Will Cinderella find her fairy godmother? Will the beast be kissed by someone who truly loves him? And will the beautiful Princess and the sexy Ogre finally discover the truth... that all fairytale curses are meant to be broken!

Click here to check out the untwisted blurb and an excerpt from  Satisfying The Curse

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Kelly Gendron


Angels Cove said...

hi kelly really enjoyed the fairy tale twist you have posted here thanking you micheleann oboyle

Suzie said...

I love twists on fairy tales especially when the lead is much more than the stories we read as kids!

Vanessa N. said...

I love twists on fairytales. You get to see it from a new perspective. Thanks forthe chance.

Cathy M said...

That excerpt was so fun, Kelly, I love your humor.

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bn100 said...

What a nice twist on a fairytale. Sounds like a good book.


mcv said...

What a unique storyline! Thanks for the chance to win this fun book!
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flchen1 said...

I do love those new twists on old classics, Kelly! Thanks for sharing a bit about yours!

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