Thursday, May 3, 2012

Safe Harbour

While I love writing erotic romance -- it's just such a relief to call a cock...well, a cock! -- I am, first and foremost, a sucker (pun intended) for the romance in a story. My personal philosophy and experience tell me that finding a cock (or two) is pretty easy: the tricky part, for me at least, was actually finding one (or two ;)) that I wanedt to share my life -- my whole life -- with....This pursuit of lasting romance -- true love! -- wasn't about looking for great sex to experience. It was about finding a safe harbour where I could experience great sex.

What a magical moment in the process of falling in love: that shock of recognition that your partner makes you feel not only wanted and desired -- and really, really f*cking horny -- but safe. "Safe sex" for me has nothing to do with condoms and common sense (it's 2012, people, so...really? Do we need to beat intelligent people over the head with that particular "c" word?). No, for me, "safe sex" has everything to do with waking up to my lover and feeling better about all the parts of who I am when he's there beside me than I do when he's not. 

In my soon-to-be released novella, Sounding the Depths, I wanted to explore this idea of romance as a safe harbour between two men. I'm thrilled that Josh and Ethan's story will be released on May 21 with Total-E-Bound. While I hope you find their story gets you hot and bothered -- oh,yes, I thank the Powers That Be for erotic romance where I can call a cock a cock! -- I also hope that your own personal romance offers the same safe harbour these two find in each other.

* * *

Ethan Gray, former sailor on a nuclear submarine with the Royal Navy, arrives in California to work on a technical paper with a military recruiter, an acquaintance who introduces him to the elusive Josh Bennett. Back in California a few weeks later to attend a five-day party, a commitment ceremony for two friends, one with whom he served in Iraq, Ethan again runs into one Joshua Bennett, an explosive ordnance expert in the United States Navy and veteran of two Iraq tours, just returned from a third year he volunteered to spend in Afghanistan: this, an unexpected decision he remains loath to discuss even with the few closest to him. While Ethan’s initial encounters with Josh leave the easy-going, confident British sailor in love for the first time, the tight control Josh maintains in his professional and personal lives leaves him reluctant to ever fall in love again. To win Josh, Ethan must help this man who captured Ethan’s heart heal his own and leave his dark past behind him. With some persistent interference from Josh’s feisty twin sister Lana – and a specific gay-friendly phone app – can Ethan convince Josh to drop his defenses and let love in? Or is this British sailor out of his depth?

* * *

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Available May 21: Sounding the Depths

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