Friday, June 1, 2012

Is three a crowd?

As a reader, and an author, I some times wonder if three is a crowd. There are menage stories I've read where the 'third' definitely seems to be a third wheel even though the triad are supposed to have a happy-ever-after together. Then there are the books where the HEA is just for two but we're treated to three on the journey. So I'm wondering, what type of threesome works for you? Do you prefer two guys one girl or two girls one guy or three guys or three girls? If you're a two guys one girl fan do you want the guys involved with each other or just with the girl? If it's two girls one guy should the girls get it on or not? As for three guys or three girls should everyone be into each other or do you prefer one person as the 'glue' for the three? See, lots of things to think about when it comes to threesomes.
I have two menage romances available, Truth Or Dare is a m/f/m and Bondi Beach Boys is a m/m/f and I have to say I have no preference for writing either and didn't 'plan' to write either that way it's just how each of those stories evolved. And that's pretty much how I write. By the seat of my pants. :) I have another menage coming out later this year, Sand, Surf and Sunni, is a m/f/m. While SSS is set in the same 'world' as BBB the guys don't get it on and that got me thinking about how there are so many ways to write a menage. And why I've written mine in the configuration I have. I can't work out why each book went they way it did other than that's what was right for the characters. So I guess as a writer I don't have a preference. And as a reader I'm game for anything. :) What about you?
Rhian Cahill

Daring to tell the truth will change the rules of this game forever.

Party Games, Book 2

When her friend deserts her at an exclusive Sydney house party, Miki Drummond retreats to a corner to observe the insanity. Watching life go by is something she does well, especially after the hell her marriage put her through.

She never dreamed she'd reconnect with not one but two blasts from her high school past. And she never expected their heated gazes to bring her body so easily back to life.

Grant Rogers and Dayne Pierce never forgot Miki. Ever. Past experience tells them to tread slowly and carefully, but that plan flies out the window when they're all dragged into a game of Truth or Dare. Something's up, because Miki repeatedly chooses to take a shot rather than reveal her obvious pain. Time after time.

Waking up hungover in a strange bedroom, Miki is caught in an electrically charged moment with two men who offer her unimaginable pleasure, who seem determined to keep her suspended in sweet torment—permanently.

One night of pure fantasy is all Miki dares to take, but come morning the hard truth is that walking away isn't an option.

Product Warnings: The author cannot be held responsible for any truth you may tell or dare you make take after reading this story. And if you find yourself sandwiched between two hunky men…take the dare.

What's a girl to do with two sexy Aussie surfers? Ride the waves, of course…

After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. There's just one problem—they're her new clients. When the men offer a no-strings-attached affair, Piper has a decision to make, one her body made for her weeks ago when she first started watching "her boys." She can't risk the job that could make or break her career, but she sure as hell isn't going to pass up this chance to live out her wildest dreams…

Sam Bridges and Nate Russo share everything, from their home to their business to the occasional woman. Even themselves. But they've never shared what they feel for Piper. What starts out as hot sex with a willing woman turns into something none of them expected—but what's wrong with a few strings on a hot summer day at the beach…

Warnings: This book contains graphic sexual content that some readers may find objectionable (including ménage a trios with male/male sex, anal sex)


Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

LOL I like it all as well but I think I gravitate to the M/M/F more. I love to see the interaction with all three and mix it up some but there is just something about the M/M connection- especially when it's a sudden thing one they just finally admit to themselves.
Love all your stuff :)

Catherine Lee said...

The covers are lovely. I suppose that 3 could be a very nice number.

Savannah Chase said...

Love the covers and the book...I say no way..If you like it as 3 it is great..It all depends on the persons taste..I think 3 is just hot.

Suzanne said...

I got the Beach Bums series- looking forwrd to the Bondi Beach Boys as m/m/f does turn me on. All your books are great.

Rhian Cahill said...

Thanks ladies!