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"Dagger's Lust" Great Review...

"Daggers Lust"

4.0 out of 5 stars Hot ReadJune 29, 2012
This review is from: Dagger's Lust (Siren Publishing Classic) (Kindle Edition)
Love has no boundaries, which is truly evident in this exciting love story between werewolf shifter Dagger, and dragon shifter Belinda. Dagger had promised to protect Belinda no matter the obstacles and when he failed measurably the first time, he vowed to make sure their second chance was different.

The relationship development between Dagger and Belinda was one that truly entertained me. I liked the twist of him remembering their past while she had no recognition of it. The plot technique allowed me to see the bloom of new love between lovers as well as the internal flames of long time lovers. The emotional and physical connection for Dagger is something that has been building over the centuries, while for Belinda it was a fresh feeling. It offered all of the stages of love, which many stories cannot do.

The conflict with Braccus truly kept the story moving forward. Every time Dagger and Belinda seemed to be making some headway, he threw them a curve ball. It added an element of surprise and danger to the story and made the plot line captivating. Braccus is everything I have come to expect from a villain: conniving, manipulative, and ruthless. It had me looking forward with anticipation to his next diabolical plot in the pursuit to gain ultimate power.

The paranormal element within this book was not a trivial contribution. As a person who enjoys all paranormal stories, especially shifters, my choosing to read this novella was a no-brainer. Toss in werewolves and a dragon, I found myself smiling for no reason other than amusement at their shifting abilities. While the tale could have been a good love story without it, the paranormal element really enhanced the story to a new level. Truly, I would recommend Dagger's Lust to others who enjoy a nice paranormal short story.

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